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Why Saans Mart?

Saans Solutions is a LLP firm and is the crystallisation of a dream of two wonderful women: Dr Pallavi Kwatra & Mrs.Garima Dutt. Dr Pallavi Kwatra has been tirelessly devoting herself to the world as her own family through her commendable efforts in the fields of Medicine & Literature. She is a Medical Doctor, Publisher, Entrepreneur & Author of 12 published books ( Garima Dutt is an entrepreneur, social worker, w/o Capt(Retd)Vaishnav Dutt & grand daughter of late Dr. N.C Chaturvedi (Freedom Fighter, social worker)


Saans Mart is “A way of life”. The word “Saans” means breath/Prana Shakti. Without the breath, there is no life. Saans mart is the breath of a wholistic and healed life. Being the premier Organic & Spiritual store of India, we are committed to offering our customers not only the best high-quality products from reputed and liscenced brands all over India, but also creating a drive of awareness towards wellness and its many facets. We do this by providing a highly interactive and user friendly digital interface that offers our customers a easy to navigate, secure payment, cost effective and customer friendly website.

The importance of “wellness” cannot be overemphasized as we have experienced with clarity that without the right balance of body, mind & soul; we are ever in a struggle and stress in our lives. All three components are equally important and deserve our attention, time and inputs. The Indian spiritual tradition is popular all across the world as our ancient rishis, sadhus and sages researched and downloaded various technologies and tools for well being and complete flowering of human potential. Theses age-old technologies are still workable solutions in our urban worlds where we suffer from modern lifestyle diseases like stress anxiety, heart and lung diseases, cancers etc. With correct information & awareness, Saans mart enables a digital window to our customers which helps them discover our ancient secrets and apply them to their life using many spiritual products and organic healthy lifestyle choices.

Food drives our worlds and what we eat is who we become. Hence, being mindful of our eating choices is a vital step to our complete health. A healthy mind and body will be a calibrated instrument for the perfect channeling of life force and utilizing this life to the fullest. Our Indian farmers are facing extinction and have been compelled to resort to suicides and unhealthy farming practices by using chemical boosts to harvest larger crop produce. Mother earth is also facing severe crisis by deforestation and mindless lust for commercial gains. In such a scenario, it is very much urged to turn our attention to more sattvic and organically grown food that nourishes our bodies without harming it. At Saans mart, we endeavor to promote organic and natural eating habits and replace our chemical-laced food with highly nutritious and toxin-free health supplements. This way, we also help rehabilitate our farmers and raise the fertility and goodness of our planet.

Health has many elements to it and good quality skin and hair are natural indicators of well-groomed health. Most commercially available beauty products make use of potentially toxic chemicals to give urgent and magical results to the user but in the long run, simply damage our skin and hair. At Saans mart, we are inspired to offer a whole variety of natural cosmetics and health additives that can groom our beauty without harming it. Health supplements that promote specific good results for specific areas are also offered.

The eastern Indian tradition is rich in its moral, ethical, cultural and spiritual values. In the face of rising industrialism and capitalist economies, our ancient tradition and its marvelous spiritual practices are fading out. Our handicrafts, paintings and intricate collection of natural stones, astrological solutions, yantras and many more spiritual and aesthetic tools are revolutions for inner well being and our creative genius to taste the beauty of life. Indian craftsmen, weavers, painters, sculptors are gradually losing monetary incentives and their work, when showcased to larger national and international audiences, can once again reinstate them in all their grandeur and honour. The whole world looks towards India for its exquisite and multifaceted spiritual diversity wisdom and is in awe of our rich culture. We at Saans mart are passionately dedicated to this “Make in India” drive that will enable our countrymen and the entire world to drink from this magnificent river of Indian spirituality.

Saans mart is also the commercial arm for an NGO called ADHYATMIK CHARITABLE TRUST that shares the vision of supporting, empowering and showcasing Indian spiritual contributors. When you shop at Saans mart, you may trust blindfolded that a share of your hard-earned money will be used to support, care and empower someone somewhere.

“Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu”

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