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24 Crt. Gold Plated Shriyantra

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Gold is in its purest form when it is 24 karat. Shree Yantra is a magical symbol that is used for meditation and to attract wealth. Placing gold idols in the place of worship attracts more wealth according to Feng Sui.

Considering this SaansMart designed the 24 Crt. Gold Plated Shree Yantra to give you the most benefit.

Length– 23cm, Width-23cm, Weight-30grams

According to the experts, 24 Karat gold is the purest form of gold. At Saans Mart you can purchase online 24 Karat Gold plated Shree Yantra. For many ages, gold is used by people in one form or the other.

Gold is used for making God idols, tools of worship, ornaments and it is also used in some of the ayurvedic medicines.

What is the significance of using gold for making Shri Yantra?

Shree Yantra is itself a symbol full of positive energy. It is a combination of Lord Shiva and Devi Mahalaxmi/Shakti. By meditating on the Shree Yantra, one can connect with God and the soul.

Gold has got various uses and when God idols are made from the gold they attract more positivity and wealth. Shree Yantra itself is a tool to attract wealth. Thus it yields the best results if it is made from gold.

Which gold is considered to be the purest form of gold for making Shree Yantra?

Gold is available in 18, 22 and 24 karats. 24 karat gold is considered to be the purest form of gold and hence it is used for making the auspicious Shree Yantra.

Where should the 24 Karat Gold Plated Shree Yantra be placed?

It should be placed in the place of worship and worshipped daily with the chant of Mahalaxmi mantra and Shri Sukta. If you want it for the purpose of meditation or use it as a wall hanging in your business place then it is better to shop for Swiss Gold plated framed Shree Yantra from SaansMart.

What is the correct day for doing the ‘sthapana’ of 24 karat Gold Plated Shree Yantra?

Any day is an auspicious day except ‘Amavasya’ or the new moon day. You can easily do ‘sthapana’ with the chant of the Mahalaxmi mantra.

If you are doing it to attract wealth then the best days would be the fifth, eighth and ninth day of Navratri or during Dhanteras in the Diwali.

From where can I order online?

You can order 24 Karat Gold Plated Shree Yantra from SaansMart. We assure you of the best product.

Disclaimer:No claims are made on metaphysical properties or accuracy of the geometry of this product. The actual product may vary from picture as seen on the website. ‘This product may lose its original polish or colour in due course but the yantra continues to emit auspicious vibrations.’ The product is not available for exchange/refund as it is energized and consecrated as per individual.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 cm
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5 reviews for 24 Crt. Gold Plated Shriyantra
  • Neha Singhania

    My husband used to drink liquor. I never liked it. I came to know about the magical powers. So just with the intention of eradicating negativity, I brought 24 Crt Gold Plated Shri Yantra from Saans mart and after that his liquor addicton has considerably decreased. I am hopeful it will go away one day.

  • Harsh Rajput

    We came to know about Shree Yantra from one of our family friends. We purchased a 24 Crt Gold Plated Shri Yantra from Saans Mart and pray to it daily. We find it quite soothing and peaceful.

  • divyam sheth

    I gifted my daughter in law 24 Crt Gold Plated Shri Yantra and she prays to it regularly. Due to it their financial conditon is good inspite of the pandemic.

  • Preeti Chawla

    I am very happy after purchasing Gold plated shri yantra from Saans Mart. Looking for more devotional items.

  • Reena Nayak

    Shree yantra in any form is quite peaceful. I purchased Gold plated shri yantra from Saans Mart and recommend it to everyone.

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