3D Shri Yantra

Yantras are powerful geometric designs that symbolize oneness with the Supreme God. It becomes very easy for us to visualize things when we have images in front of us and that is the reason we developed 3D Shri Yantra.

Generally, people do idol worship but to meditate they use symbols and Shree Yantra is also one form of a symbol that aids in meditation and a lot more.

Made with utmost care and precision, 3D Shri Yantra will help you to concentrate and meditate in a better way. It helps to attract positive energy, and attain oneness with the Supreme.

When used regularly and proper rituals are followed, it yields prosperity, health, wealth, and happiness. 2D Yantras can be used as a locket whereas 3D Yantras give you a better view and are quite easy to clean and handle daily. They are pretty easy to worship too! Each model has its benefits.

With 3D Yantra, the task of placing it properly becomes very easy. In the case of a 3D Shri Yantra, the topmost part of the Shree Yantra guides to place it properly.

How to place the 3D Shree Yantra?

If you look at the top of the 3D Shree Yantra, you will find that there is only one line of the triangle which is exactly in line with the line at the bottom(base). This should be placed facing the East direction as it attracts energy.

It can be placed in a temple or at the entrance of your home or offices.
3D Shree Yantra is generally hollow from within because it represents a ‘wheel in the space’.

How to worship 3D Shree Yantra?

As such all days are auspicious for praying but Shree Yantra is meant to attract wealth. So it should be preferably worshipped on a Friday by placing it on a red cloth and doing ‘abhishekam’ with ‘kumkum’ on the top of it. While doing this you should chant the ‘Mahalaxmi mantra’.

At Saans Mart, we have different types of 3D Shree Yantras ranging from Sphatik, copper, Ashtadhatu, Crystal, Brass, and Tortoise Meru Shri Yantra. They are made with 100% perfection and with due care.

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