9 Months: From Involution to Evolution (Paperback)


Nine months: From involution to evolution is about a group of friends who get together from different parts of the world to try and find answers for questions that have been left unanswered for a long time. Intense discussions were held for over nine months which brought forth the age old wisdom, mixed with scientific ingredients and garnished with the practicality of modern times. This kaleidoscope of thoughts evolves into a perfect cocktail of scientific spiritualism. This book is for all the ?dreamers? and ?seekers? of this world. You are not alone in this journey.


This is a unique book ever written in the present times. It is about a magnificent journey of not one, but a Group of Medico spiritual Seekers from different corners of the globe who are plagued by many UNANSWERED QUESTIONS and SPIRITUAL RESTLESSNESS in their hearts. Amidst the drag of their real-time life, they steal moments to log into their What?s app chat accounts and enter an amazing, virtual world of like-minded ones, to engage in animated discussions on Spirituality, Science, Religion, and Philosophy, woven together in a single thread. Just as a natal process results in the end point of birth, and during this time, life remains supported and growing, an unknown centripetal force brings together these seekers having the seed of spiritual restlessness, to birth anew into a cosmic womb. As a collective whole, they nourish themselves through the placental cord of an URBAN SATSANG that goes through a phenomenal process of involution for 9 months only to be delivered at the other end, ready to embark on their journeys to the beyond.

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