About Saans


Wellness in itself is a huge objective of our New age development in the past years and throws on us an immense responsibility to facilitate this to each living Human. Without Wellness, no amount of economic and material progress can give rise to complete blossoming of human life. To play a pivotal role in this area, the birth of SAANS has taken place.

“SAANS” as the word suggests, is the breath/vital Prana Shakti that makes the possibility of life in its full exploration. Without breath, there can be no life. Thus, through SAANS we endeavour to make a small effort to contribute to Wellness and wellbeing in our worlds.
Saans, as a collaboration, aims to facilitate networking for being able to create, sell, or promote brands & high-quality products. Through marketing, product listing, networking, and facilitating an e space, SAANS enables all those who are creating their Wellness products to reach the masses. At the same time, enabling those who seek to make use of such services to discover, reach out, and utilize what is being offered.
SAANS is an initiative to bring Organic Living & Spirituality to all by making available to them branded and high-quality products at their doorstep with a secure payment process and ensuring aesthetic and high potency living ambiances. At SAANS, the buyer can explore many brands and products of spirituality and organic products under one large umbrella and have a huge choice to make.
Saans will showcase Organic Products like Organic Foods, Organic Beauty products & Organic Health supplements to assist its customers in moving towards a healthy living.
Spiritual Products like Books, Paintings, Sculptures, Pooja materials, Healing Devices, Astrological solutions, etc. are all available to choose from this hypermarket as per the beliefs, choices, and spiritual temperaments.