“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

 This great saying by TS Eliot is the reminder that when like minded people meet and work together, great and monumental works can be done. Adhyatmic Charitable Trust is also one small step in that direction. The intention is not to walk a thousand steps for one person but for one thousand of us to walk one step each. Each one of us is precious and brings to this world something unique to offer for its betterment and wholeness. Not being big or small, we all have our roles to make this world a more viable, compassionate and purposeful planet.

Wellness and spirituality go hand in hand and there are many people, brands, organizations that are working in various genres in these areas. Their interlinked works are complimentary to global evolution of human beings. By working to gether they can multiply their own offerings and create a wholesome concept of “Good for all

Adhyatmic Trust is a Charitable trust that bases itself in the core principles of Hindu philosophy that wombs from compassion for all beings and fellow men.

“Lokas-samastah sukhino bhavamtu”, meaning ” Let the entire world be happy.”


Let’s join hands to manifest a world of love, prosperity & joy for all.

In reverence and spirit of service,