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Bath and Body oils have been in vogue since times immemorial. In ancient times, bathing was considered a therapeutic activity and an important part of Ayurvedic daily routine. Before the bath, however, came the warm oil massage, or Abhyanga, that was designed to have a balancing effect on the mind and body; improve the vitality of the skin and ensure a youthful radiance. And that’s why elaborate arrangements were made to enhance the healing and comforting effect of the activity featuring baths of Jasmine, Rose, Milk, Honey and other natural indigenously grown herbs. The massage oil played an important part in the overall bathing experience.
Saansmart takes those age-old beauty secrets and helps you experience the luxury of scented oil bath and massages every day with its exclusive range of bath and body oils. Infused with the smells of uplifting fragrances, our charming range offers an array of bath and body oils to relax, realign and re-energise your tired mind and body.
According to Ayurveda, skin reflects the overall wellness of the body; if there is imbalance of Kapha, Vata and Pitta in the body, it is always visible on our outer appearance. Excess Pitta in the body, for instance may result in pimples, heat rashes and even acne. Rough and dry skin on the other hand signifies imbalance of the Vata. All our products, especially the bath and body oils embrace this very intelligence of Ayurveda and are crafted to work with your individual Dosha and balance the skin.
These natural body massage oils provide a holistic experience for lovers of organic and natural products. A major plus is that all products on our listings are free from artificial flavors, colors, paraben and SLS. These chemicals have high potential of disturbing our inner and outer health with use over a long period of time. Organic body oils have a high potential in relaxing, repairing and soothing mind and skin in the most natural manner with increased use. If you want to follow a natural way to enhancing beauty, you can try our bath and body oils. Saansmart takes inspiration from the ancient science of Ayurveda and helps you achieve your dream of following a botanical based skincare routine.

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