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Black Tourmaline & Clear quartz Pyramids Set


Aprox Size :- 30 mm Each Pyramid

Aprox Weight 35 Grams Each Pyramid

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Black Tourmaline & Clear quartz Pyramids?

It Is Believed That Black Tourmaline Brings The Great Spirit Into Ones Life. Attracts Good Fortune. Increases Concentration And Clarity. Promotes Good Will. Clear Quartz Is Also Known As Crystal Quartz Or Rock Crystal. It Is A Natural Form Of Silicon Dioxide And Is A 10th Anniversary Gemstone.

For Chakras ?Crown Chakra

For Zodiac – All Birthsigns

Planet ? Sun Element ? All (Earth/Fire/Air/Water)

Typical Colours ?

Pure Quartz Is Colourless Or White Clear Quartz Is Known As The “Master Healer” And Will Amplify Energy.

Aprox Size :- 30 mm Each Pyramid

Aprox Weight 35 Grams Each Pyramid

**Medical Disclaimer**

All Above Mentioned Descriptions Are According To Indian & Chinese Mythology & The Seller Takes No Responsibility Whatsoever For Any Claim Made In The Descriptions. Healing Benefits Of Stones Should Not Be Intended As A Substitute For Advice From Your Physician Or Other Healthcare Professional.

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm

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