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Considered the perfect love combination in the west since like forever, Breakfasts cereals online are the go-to thing in the health food scene today . Breakfast cereal (or cold cereal or simply cereal) is a traditional breakfast made from processed cereal grains. It is traditionally eaten as breakfast primarily in Western societies. Warm cereals like porridge and grits have the longest history. Ready-to-eat cold cereals, appearing around the late 19th century, are most often mixed with milk but can also be paired with yogurt instead or eaten plain. Fruit or nuts are optional add-ons. Many breakfast cereals are produced via extrusion. Some companies promote their products for the health benefits that come from eating oat-based and high-fiber cereals.
Ready-to-eat breakfast cereals online varieties are of four basic types: flaked, made from corn, wheat, or rice; puffed, made by exploding cooked wheat or rice from a pressure chamber; shredded, made from pressure-cooked wheat that is squeezed into strands by heavy rollers, then cut into biscuits and dried; and granular, made by a process in which a stiff dough made from wheat and malted barley flour, salt, yeast, and water is fermented, baked thoroughly, and then, after being crumbled and rebaked, is ground into rough grains. As a final step in each process, the cereal is treated to restore vitamins lost through cooking and often coated with sweet flavouring.
Technologies to add vitamins and minerals to breakfast cereals are well established, and use safe, stable, and relatively bioavailable forms. Several manufacturing processes are used to produce breakfast cereals and dictate the stage at which nutrients can be added to ensure they are present throughout the product shelf-life.
We at Saansmart while promoting traditional life styles are all about healthy alternatives to daily living. Breakfast cereals online availability is a sure-shot green with us especially with reputed food brand names such as Alpino, Kiwi, Essence of life and future organics. From aata vermicelli to chatpati muesli, from millet cookies to flax and chia seeds and finally from gulkand jam to organic peanut butter, we promise to surprise you with our exclusive premium range of breakfast and cereal online options.

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