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The complete spectrum of this magnificent universe is built from the coexisting and amalgamated fusion of the yin and yang energies. The wholesomeness of the world phenomenon is determined by its parts coming and aligning themselves in harmony and joy.

Shiva Shakti Ganesha is a combination of the books for the Supreme powers of Shiva, his incarnation – Shakti and Ganesha.

The congruent consciousness of Shiva & Shakti come to complete the process of Self -realization/Nirvana and Ganesha, their offspring sets forth the momentum and conducive ambience to break out of inertia and remove one’s obstacles to this inner fusion. Shiva Shakti Ganesha is a true combo for anyone who wants to understand the soul’s journey.

To facilitate a saadhak’s journey towards Mukti..we bring forth these 4 colourful books titled as Combo Shiva Shakti Ganesha, that will relay pictorial depictions and deep words of wisdom.?? Shambhavi? portrays the Shakti? in her 111 forms, the baseline principle remaining her nirguna, niraakar swaroopa. As a reader, you will come to know about the dash mahavidyas and? 64 yoginis?of Devi.? Is it a? Hindu Goddess book? indifferent poses and the description gives a whole new meaning to the way we interpret the picture.

?Shiva Shakti Talks?? beautifully portrays the talks between the two wherein the reader is able to understand it on a cosmic level.

Ganesha & His 32 forms?is a unique book on the beloved deity Ganesha. The book is a colourful treat to the reader who is keen to discover Ganesha in all meticulous details and devotion.

Tripura Sundari Mata is the creator of this Universe. There is a story behind this creation which is nicely described in the book?? 1000 sacred avatars of Tripura Sundari?.? This book is given freely with the Shiva-Shakti Ganesha book.
This compilation has emerged after years of sadhana and at the behest of divine grace. It is being offered to readers to inspire and instigate them for a similar occurrence.

  • Kindly note that the book, 1000 Sacred Avatars of Sri Lalita Tripurasundari is free and is being offered with the other books as a service to the readers.
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  • Mihir Shah

    Dr Pallavi, you must have done extensive research to bring this product to us. I fall short of words to express my heartfelt thanks to you for this wonderful book. Thanks a lot.

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