This is an auspicious tool for tapping Devi’s divine grace. It has two products:

  • Energized Brass Shree Yantra
  • A free unique book on Lalitashasranama with 1000 images for each name

This is an auspicious tool for tapping Devi’s divine grace. It has two products:

  • Energized Brass Shree Yantra ( 2 by 2 inches, 200grams)
  • A free unique book on Lalitashasranama with 1000 images for each name

Shree means “wealth” and Yantra means “tool”, hence Shree yantra may be a tool that will facilitate you to achieve all styles of wealth in your life, be it material or spiritual. Any person who uses Shree yantra can easily achieve affluence, success, wealth, peace, and harmony in life. When the Sri Chakra involves our house, it comes with the entire cosmic force. For that sake, we don’t have to fear. Because of the ability of the Upasaka or Guru who is doing the prana-pratishta, Sri Chakra will have the inherent power starting from fifty years to 5 hundred years. which means whether you are doing Pooja or not, it’ll protect you – keeping it in an auspicious place. But having said that, once you are doing the Pooja daily for fifteen minutes – the Sri Chakra worship benefits will be sure for the complete generation.

Lalitasahasranama can be chanted or played to the Yantra on a daily basis together with offering freshly cooked food, flowers, incense, Diya, etc. You can buy Shri Yantra or Shri Chakra online from us to get a great combo offer, Wherein you get a free sacred book of 1000 sacred avatars of Shri Lalita Tripurasundari (Digital Lalitashasranama with 1000 images) along with this Shri Yantra.

Benefits of Sri Yantra

1. It helps achieve fortune, wealth, and overall prosperity in one’s life.

  1. It brings name, fame, and good luck to the family or organization, company, which possesses this incredible Vedic instrument.
  2. It drives a private on a successful path and clears the obstacles.
  3. Sri Yantra also gives mental peace and stability.
  4. Sri Yantra helps in growing the spiritual self by helping the individual to induce, eliminate all the impurities and attain a pure state of mind.
  5. It has the good potential to liberate a person from the cycle of birth and death.


This is a 3d Sri Yantra Brass Small: weight 200 Gms, Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 4 cm

DISCLAIMER: Please note that all Sri Yantras are made of pure Copper/brass and will be energized with loving healing energies by Dr Pallavi Kwatra who is a certified Energy Reiki healer and an ardent saadhak of the Divine Mother Shakti. There is no claim made by her of being a Sri Vidya Guru and you may get a special Pranapratishta process done by your Guru on receiving your yantra from us.

The actual Yantras may vary a little from their pictures and lose their original polish due to contact with water, air etc. But the yantra continues to emit its auspiciousness.  Please check all specifications before purchase. We don’t return/refund these sacred yantras once you have received them. In case of broken/ wrong product, you may send us images of the same within 1 day of your delivery at can even send in specific prayer requests for you or your family members at

According to the ancient text, Tripura Sundari Devi has given a rebirth to the Universe. There is a story behind it. Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati were mesmerised by ‘Manmatha’, the God of love. He mesmerised them both because it was predicted that their son would kill a demon who harassed Gods. But Shiva was angry at it and be-headed Manmatha. Later he was again born as a demon called ‘ who made the Earth impotent. To remove this drawback a Maha Yagna was performed out of which emerged Tripura Sundari Mata. She created the Universe. She is also known as Shri Vidya Goddess as the Shri Yantra has originated from her.

This book depicts 1000 images of Goddess Tripura Sundari. You can also buy a combo book of Shiva-Shakti and 1000 sacred avatars of Tripura Sundari. You can also order a combo of Shree Yantra with 1000 sacred avatars of Tripur Sundari book and Shambhavi book.  You can get this book free with the combo packs.The e-book is available for free on this website as an offering to the Divine Mother.

If this book interests you then you will surely love the other books that we have in our collection. Here is a list of them for easy reference:

  1. Shiva Shakti Talks – This is a beautiful book about talks between Shiv and Shakti. Shiva & Shakti are not beings but forms of consciousness that come together to complement each other and make a wholesome one.
  2. Shambhavi: The Shakti Archetypes – This book depicts Shakti in 111 forms. It depicts Shakti as her various swaroopas (forms) transitioning from the benevolent and beautiful one to the ferocious and raw energy on the other.
  3. Ganesha and His 32 forms –  This book is an offering of gratitude to our most favourite God, Ganesha and intends to empower the reader with Ganesha’s presence and knowledge.

We also have other combo books that are pocket-friendly such as:

  1. Combo Shiva Shakti – It is a combo of Shiva Shakti Talks and the Shambhavi book.
  2. Combo Shiva Shakti Ganesha – This combo offers you Ganesha and His 32 forms, Shiva Shakti Talks and Shambhavi. To delight you we have added the book of 1000 sacred Avatars of Shree Lalita Tripura Sundari (free)
  3. Combo Shakti with Shri Yantra – This offers you a combo of the book Shambhavi and also a Shree Yantra to attract peace and wealth. You get the book titled ‘1000 Avatars of Shree Lalita Tripura Sundari Mata absolutely free.
  4. Combo books on Shakti – This offers you a combination of ‘Shambhavi and 1000 Avatars of Shree Lalita Tripura Sundari’. You get the book titled ‘1000 Avatars of Shree Lalita Tripura Sundari Mata absolutely free
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