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Copper Plate Shree Yantra Big


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Copper Plate Shree Yantra can be placed in the place of worship or it can be used as a wall hanging. The wall hanging is best suited for meditation whereas the one kept horizontally in the place of worship can be used for worship.

You can do ‘abhishekam’ on the Copper Plate Shree Yantra if it is placed horizontally in the place of worship.

Length– 7.5cm, Width-7.5cm, Weight-50grams

Two-dimensional Shri Yantra is made on plates. The plates can be made using different metals such as gold, silver, copper or brass. Sri yantra copper plate can be kept in the place of worship or it can be used as a wall hanging after framing it.

What is the significance of geometrical design in the construction of Shree Yantra?

Shree Yantra is a powerful energy symbol that attracts positivity, wealth, prosperity, and happiness.

The construction of Sri Yantra must be done in a proper form to yield the desired results. It is said that Sri Yantra symbolizes the union of the soul with God.

In the case of Copper Plate Shri Yantra, there are nine interlocked triangles that further form forty-three smaller triangles. Out of these, nine triangles face upwards depicting Shiva and the remaining face downwards depicting the Shakti.

Thus, Sri Yantra is the combination of Shiva and Shakti and it is the Bindu or the focal point that connects us to God. The outer boundaries represent the Universe.

Can we do ‘abhishekam’ on the Sri Yantra Copper Plate?

Generally, people use Meru Sri Yantra or the three-dimensional Shree Yantra for doing ‘abhishekam’. But if you wish, you can do it on the Copper Plate Sri Yantra as well. The water used for doing it can be later used as a ‘tirtha’ as it has medicinal values due to the presence of copper.

How and Where should the Copper Shree Yantra be placed?

The Copper Plate Shri Yantra has two portions. One is the part with the Shree Yantra drawing and the other is the backside. The backside of the Shree Yantra should face the West direction if you are mounting it on a wall. This is useful for meditation.

If you want to place it horizontally, it can be placed in the place of worship. This needs to be worshipped daily.

From where can you get the original Sri yantra copper plate ?

You can order the Copper Plate Shri Yantra online from Saans Mart. We assure you about the design and quality.

Disclaimer: No claims are made on metaphysical properties or accuracy of the geometry of this product. The actual product may vary from picture as seen on the website. ‘This product may lose its original polish or colour in due course but the yantra continues to emit auspicious vibrations.’ The product is not available for exchange/refund as it is energized and consecrated as per individual.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 cm
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5 reviews for Copper Plate Shree Yantra Big
  • Dipti Barodawala

    I am a professional astrologer and a vastu consultant. I use Shree yantra that I purchased from saans mart at my work place and at home and it gives me the expected results. Just wanted to know whether you have genuine ek mukhi rudraksha?

  • hardik thakkar

    Thanks a lot Saans Mart for giving me this excellent tool to meditate. The best part is my kids have started doing evening prayers daily after we purchased copper plated shree yantra from saans Mart. It has kindled an emotion of devotion in them. I am too much happy.

  • hardik thakkar

    I purchased copper shree yantra from saans mart to get financial stability. I have been worshipping it for two years now and it is giving me excellent results by God’s grace. I definitely genuine product from Saans Mart.

  • Anirudh Kumar

    I have purchased copper shri yantra from your site and I am quite happy with that. I want to know if you have a very big size plate shree yantra that can be used as a wall hanging? I want to use it in my office. Please reply.

  • Reena Nayak

    I never came across any advertisemet for your product. Why don’t you advertise on large scale? Humanity will benefit. My friend suggested shri yantra to me, I got swiss gold plated shri yantra for my house and gifted a copper plate shri yantra to my friend. It restores peace, health and wealth. Very divine tool.

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