Crystal Angels

How do Crystal Angels work?

Crystals are special stones meant to channelize energy. They are used as alternative medicine by many people across many countries of the world.

There is a wide variety of crystals and according to the zodiac sign and the area needed to be channelised, crystals can be used.

The angel shaped crystals serve as a mentor to guide you whenever required.

How to use Crystal Angels?

You can keep Crystal Angels in the corners of your room and whenever you look at it, make it a point that you utter your special intention for which you bought it. Some crystals have pendants, so you can even wear them around the neck. In that way, crystal angels can be used as ‘healing crystal angels’.

Do we need to recharge the Crystals?

Some Crystals are sensitive to water. They dissolve in water hence you cannot clean them with water. The rest of the crystals can be cleaned under running tap water and kept in the Sun. The energy of the Sun helps them to get recharged.

What are the Crystal Angel benefits?

Crystal Angel helps you to channelize the energy, sometimes used as an alternative medicine to generate the Placebo effect. Different zodiac signs need different crystals. They can serve as a guide and help to channelize the energy.

Which type of Crystal Angel is the best?

There is no single best Crystal Angel as different Crystals have different properties. Depending on the zodiac sign and the energy to be channelized, the Crystals differ. At Saans Mart we have different varieties of Crystal Angels, some of them are listed below. You can order them online from Saans Mart.

Clear Quartz – It is regarded as ‘Master healer’. Helps to improve the clarity of mind, balances emotional needs, helps to achieve spiritual consciousness. Suits zodiac sign Taurus and Libra.

Angelite crystal – It represents peace and brotherhood and helps to achieve a state of conscious awareness. It can get dissolved in water and needs to be handled with care. It suits the zodiac sign Aquarius.

Labradorite Crystal – It affects the base chakra and is used to improve strength and perseverance.

Rose quartz Crystal – Rose quartz is a symbol of love. It is useful in balancing the chakras and spreading positivity.

Tiger Eye Chakra – It is regarded as a protector. It boosts self-esteem, confidence and courage.

Lepidolite Crystal – It is also known as the ‘stone of transition’. It awakens the Crown Chakra and brings about cosmic awareness.

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