Crystal Bracelets

What are Crystal Bracelets?

Crystal bracelets are made from different crystals and woven into a thread. Bracelets can

be worn on the wrist or arms for better protection. They are also known as Healing Stone Bracelets.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Crystal Bracelets?

Crystal Bracelets radiate energy inward or outward depending on the hand you put it on. The energy so radiated helps you to achieve your desired goals.

In which hand should you wear the Crystal Bracelet?

Depending on the desired outcome you need to take action. Often for right-handed people, wearing a crystal bracelet on the right hand has outward radiations whereas wearing them on the left hand produces inward radiations.

From where can you purchase online Crystal bracelets for healing?

Original Crystal Bracelets can be purchased from SaansMart in India.

How can you recognize an original crystal bracelet?

Natural crystals are extracted from the Earth whereas fake crystals are painted, chemically processed and dried.

As a consumer how can you identify an original crystal bracelet? Well, here are a few pointers that will guide you to purchase an original crystal bracelet.

  • Original crystal bracelet has simple names and no other fancy names.
  • Original crystal bracelet has pure colour, not saturated ones.
  • Original crystal bracelet might not have a perfect symmetry as it is obtained in natural form from the Earth’s crust.

Which Crystal Bracelet should you buy?

There is no unique bracelet that suits all people. Depending on your need and the goal to be achieved you should select the crystal.

Rose quartz crystal bracelet – It symbolizes love and peace and is mostly used for peaceful relationships.

Amethyst clear quartz – This can be used by all zodiac signs and is useful to awaken spiritually.

Kyanite – This crystal does not require recharging. It is always positively charged and used by Reki professionals for attunement.

Black Onyx and clear quartz – It suits all zodiac signs and improves concentration and meditation power.

Botswana Agate – It helps in decision making and creates a positive mindset to face the problems.

Amethyst & Pyrite Bracelet– It is a powerful and protective stone and protects from negative energies.

Is the breaking of the crystal a good sign?

Crystals break if they have fully absorbed the negative energy. As such they are always positively charged but when negativity is too much, they break. In such cases, they should be discarded by burying them under the Soil. Some people burn them. Both ways are acceptable.

Are there any specific crystal bracelets for men?

YES! Men and Women differ in their characteristics and therefore it is essential that they wear a crystal bracelet that suits them. Here are a few recommendations for crystal bracelets for men.

  1. Crystal bracelet for men: Tiger Eye Crystal Bracelet (For Courage)
    • Tiger Eye Crystal is known for willpower, warrior spirit, and self-motivation. So those men who want to inculcate these values in them can wear a tiger eye crystal bracelet for men and ignite these values in themselves.
  2. Crystal bracelet for men: Obsidian (Clarity in thoughts, Focus)
    • The second important crystal bracelet for men is the one with obsidian crystal. It helps men to have clarity in thoughts and helps to improve their focus. This crystal bracelet enthrals a spirit of optimism in you and hence it is also referred as a healing crystal bracelet.
  3. Crystal bracelet for men: Lapis Lazuli ( Boosts Confidence and motivates)
    • Lapis Lazuli crystal is known for the qualities like psychic vision, celestial energy, nobility, confidence, and self-motivation. If you are an entrepreneur then this crystal bracelet will work wonders for you.

      The crystal bracelet of Lapis Lazuli for men is also known as a healing crystal bracelet because it helps to control blood pressure, boosts the immune system, helps in insomnia.

Are there any specific crystal bracelets for Women?

Just like the men, women too have different crystal bracelets that suit their requirements. Crystal bracelets for women have crystals that add to their feminine powers. Few crystal bracelets for women have been listed below.

  1. Crystal bracelet for women: Turquoise
    • Turquoise is known for spreading love and serenity. This is the crystal bracelet for women which helps them to be even more loving in their relationships. It saves them from being disheartened even when they are feeling low.
  2. Crystal bracelet for women: Howlite
    • Howlite crystal bracelet for women helps them to stay calm. It is especially important for working women as it helps them to maintain the balance between work and life. It helps to develop a compromising attitude.
  3. Crystal bracelet for women:  Azurite and Charoite
    • Azurite and Charoite crystal bracelets for women helps them to develop compassion and clarity in their thoughts. Apart from that, it helps them to build stamina and a caring attitude.

Are there any specific crystal healing bracelets?

Men and women can use certain crystal healing bracelets. By wearing crystal healing bracelets for the whole day on their wrists, they can get rid of certain health disorders. There are many crystals with amazing health benefits. Here are a few of them just for your reference.

Crystal healing bracelets for men and women:

Obsidian – Obsidian healing crystal bracelets help to remove emotional setbacks, helps to get rid of addictions, helps to remove negativity from thoughts.

Howlite – Howlite crystal healing bracelet is for someone who has low calcium levels. It helps to restore it. Apart from that, it helps to cure insomnia.

White Jade – White Jade crystal healing bracelets help to heal the problems of the kidney and bladder.

What are reiki crystal bracelets?

Our body is composed of seven chakras. Reiki practice believes in transforming energy to these seven chakras.  Depending on which chakra of your body is imbalanced, a reiki practitioner can guide you to wear a particular reiki crystal bracelet.

At Saans Mart we have reiki crystal bracelets to balance all seven chakras. You can even choose to opt for a particular crystal if only that chakra is imbalanced.

Kyanite – This crystal does not require recharging. It is always positively charged and used by Reki professionals for attunement.

Reiki crystal bracelets for protection – which consist of hamsa, name of Mahadev, rudraksha, etc.

There are many other reiki crystal bracelets that you can buy from our site depending on your need.

What are some of the famous crystal bracelets for good luck?

As the name implies, the crystal bracelet for good luck can be worn by anyone who wishes to attract fame and fortune.  You can use crystal bracelets for good luck that prevent you from evil eye or for protection from all sorts of negative energies.

Some of the crystal bracelets for good luck are listed as below:

-Tiger eye crystal bracelet for good luck

– Jasper crystal bracelet for good luck attracts positivity and joy and thereby brings good luck

– Turquoise crystal bracelet for good luck soothes the mind and body, ushers optimism and thereby brings good luck.

There are of course other crystal bracelets for good luck and you can find many on our website.

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