Crystal Bracelets

What are Crystal Bracelets?

Crystal bracelets are made from different crystals and woven into a thread. Bracelets can be worn on the wrist or arms for better protection. They are also sometimes known as Healing Stone Bracelets.

What are the benefits of wearing Crystal Bracelets?

Crystal Bracelets radiate energy inward or outward depending on the hand you put it on. The energy so radiated helps you to achieve your desired goals.

In which hand should you wear the Crystal Bracelet?

Depending on the desired outcome you need to take action. Often for right-handed people, wearing a bracelet on the right hand has outward radiations whereas wearing them on the left hand produces inward radiations.

From where can you purchase online Crystal bracelets for healing?

Original Crystal Bracelets can be purchased from SaansMart in India.

Which Crystal Bracelet should you buy?

There is no unique bracelet that suits all people. Depending on your need and the goal to be achieved you should select the crystal.

Rose quartz crystal bracelet – It symbolizes love and peace and is mostly used for peaceful relationships.

Amethyst clear quartz – This can be used by all zodiac signs and useful to awaken spiritually.

Kyanite – This crystal does not require recharging. It is always positively charged and used by Reki professionals for attunement.

Black Onyx and clear quartz – It suits all zodiac signs and improves concentration and meditation power.

Botswana Agate – It helps in decision making and creates a positive mindset to face the problems.

Amethyst & Pyrite Bracelet– It is a powerful and protective stone and protects from negative energies.

Is the breaking of the crystal a good sign?

Crystals break if they have fully absorbed the negative energy. As such they are always positively charged but when negativity is too much, they break. In such cases, they should be discarded by burying them under the Soil. Some people burn them. Both ways are acceptable.

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