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There are various stories about how Shiva Lingam was formed. We can find various things written in the ancient texts and Wikipedia pages.

According to Shiva Purana, once brahmins were praying to Lord Shiva and just to test their devotion, Lord Shiva came naked before the devotees draped in ash.

The brahmins could not recognize him and hence cursed him that ‘let his penis fall on the Earth’. This started to cause massive destruction on the Earth.

As a result of this Lord Brahma offered a solution to it. Accordingly, devotees prayed to Goddess Parvati and asked her to take the shape of a vagina in which the lingam could stay fixed. Accordingly, Shiva lingam was formed.

Yet another theory states that lingam depicts the way we remember Shiva. Because Shiva belongs to Sata Yuga when human existence was not there and humans were just souls roaming in the Universe.

As time passed from Sata Yug, Dwapar Yug, Treta Yug and Kal Yug, our memories faded as a result we remember the bright spot of light, the Supreme God as a lingam.

Narmada is considered to be a Virgin river and all stones found in its belt form the shape of Lingam. Ancient texts point to it and refer to Narmada as a pious river.

What is so special about Narmadeshwar Lingam?

According to Hindu Mythology, every stone found in the river Narmada takes the form of Shiva Lingam. For our understanding, we polish and shape the stones. At Saans Mart we get the Narmadeshwar Shiva lingams from the river bed of Narmada. They are pure in all respects, we just polish it a bit.

According to mythology Narmada originates from the body of Lord Shankar. Hence it is also known as ‘Shankari’.  The word ‘Narmada’ means ‘delight of giving’. Thus all stones found in its river bed resemble Lord Shiva. This gives it the name of ‘Narmadeshwar Lingam’.

According to the geologists, there are many rocks by the side of the river Narmada. The flow of the river makes the rock take the shape of Shiv Lingam. As they are formed due to the river Narmada, they are called ‘Narmadeshwar lingams’.

Where can you buy Narmada Shiva Lingams online in India?

You can buy Narmadeshwar shivling online in India from Saans Mart. All stones are original and yield magical results when prayed regularly.

The cost differs according to the model selected and the size of the lingam.

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