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Crystal pendants have a special significance in Reiki.

Crystal pendants are made using different colours and different stones. They are woven together in a pendant to balance all chakras. Some people refer to them as ‘crystal stone pendants’ also.

What are the benefits of crystal pendants?

  • To remove negativity from the body and mind.
  • For a peaceful mind and great health.
  • To cure diseases related to the mind.
  • Improves decision making power
  • Boosts productivity.
  • Removes moodiness.
  • Helps in meditation.

Buy crystal pendants online from Saans Mart to get authentic crystals and derive all benefits.

What is so special about Saans Mart Crystal Pendants?

When you purchase crystal pendants online from Saans Mart you can get the seven stones fixed on different crystals of your choice.

Choice of the basic crystal can be based on your zodiac sign or any other parameter that you consider essential.

You can buy reiki crystal pendants online in India from SaansMart.

Are there any crystal stone pendants for men?

There are no specific crystal stone pendants for men that can be exclusively used by them. However, depending on the problems that you are facing in life or the quality you wish to develop, you can opt for specific crystal pendants.

Here are a few men’s crystal pendants:

Amethyst And Carnelian Crystal Stretch Bracelet For Men – Brings out the warrior spirit in you

Tiger Eye Oval Shaped Pendant – Helps to build courage

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