Crystal Pendulums

What is a pendulum?

A pendulum is a crystal or any metallic body that is suspended with the help of a thread or metal chain and it is allowed to swing back and forth under the effect of gravity.

What are the uses of the dowsing crystal pendulum?

In ancient times pendulums were used to tell time. Pendulums date back to the 16th century. They were also popularly called grandfather clocks. But in order to operate them, they had to be kept stationary.

Yet another use of a pendulum is for healing purposes. Often Reiki practitioners use the pendulums to find out which chakra is imbalanced and later with the help of the pendulum and the reiki energy they balance it.

It is also used to remove negativity from the aura. That balances the chakras.
Pendulums were widely used in Seismometers of the Han Dynasty. Because earlier science was not much advanced.

A Seismometer had eight holes and contained one small ball that was allowed to fall freely from all of the holes. This indicated to the scientists the direction from which the earthquake was expected to happen.

Later on, an even more advanced Seismometer was developed. The pendulums swing vigorously to indicate the seismic waves of the earthquake.

Pendulums were also used by musicians to perform regular beats. They were popularly known as metronomes.

How does the dowsing crystal pendulum help in spiritual healing?

Pendulums help to detect energy blockages in the body. The crown chakra controls the body and the mind. Pendulums help to balance all the chakras and accordingly help in spiritual upliftment.

  • Helpful in balancing the chakra.
  • Helpful in cleansing the aura.
  • Help to remove negativity from people and things.
  • Help to find the lost articles and serve as a guide.

What are the different types of dowsing crystal pendulums?

They can be made using a variety of crystals like:

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