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Crystal Pyramids Online in India

Crystal pyramids are used by Vastu experts, Feng Sui, and Reiki for various purposes. The crystal pyramids are powerful tools to manifest.

The base of the pyramid stores the intentions.

The apex of the pyramid sends the intentions to the Universe for manifestation.

What is the significance of the pyramid in Vastu or Feng Sui?

Pyramids receive cosmic energy from the Universe and apply it to fulfil the desired intentions. Hence many times we see buildings and architectural structures in the shape of a pyramid.

What are the benefits of the Crystal Pyramid?

  • It is considered auspicious in Reiki and Feng Sui and attracts Universal energy.
  • Help to channelize the energy and increase the energy levels of the surroundings.
  • Helpful in meditation.
  • It is said that pyramids make things last longer and increase the durability and life of everything.

What are the uses of Crystal Pyramid?

Crystal pyramid has the following uses:

  • Helpful in attracting energy from the Universe.
  • Helpful in setting the goals.
  • Helpful in balancing the energy.
  • Helpful in removing negativity from the body.
  • Helpful in bringing positivity and manifestation of goals.

What are the different crystals used for making pyramids?

Amethyst pyramid – To awaken Third-Eye Chakra

Lapis Lazuli pyramid– For Throat chakra

Sodalite pyramid – For the Crown chakra

Green Aventurine Pyramid – For the Heart Chakra

Yellow Aventurine Pyramid – For the Solar Plexus Chakra

Orange Aventurine Pyramid – For the Sacral Chakra

Red Jasper Pyramid – For the Root Chakra.

Where can you buy Crystal Pyramid for Vastu or Reiki in India?

You can buy pyramids of all materials from Saans Mart. At Saans Mart we have pyramids engraved with the reiki symbols.

We have pyramids that have Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz that can help to have peaceful relationships at the workplace and home.

Once the positivity attributes of the special crystal are combined with the pyramid shape, it can work wonders.

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