Crystal Shree Yantra

To a first time user, Shri Yantra might seem like an optical illusion. Partially it might be true but when you know how it works or the magical powers of Shree Yantra then you will be convinced about its use.

Shri Yantra is a geometrical design that is a combination of different triangles and circles. According to ancient mythology, it combines the power of the Shiva and the Shakti.

As you move inwards into the diagram, the centre point connects the soul to the Supreme God. Concentrating on outer circles and triangles helps you in self-realisation.

When the same geometrical design is crafted or embedded on different metals like gold, silver, copper, bronze it takes the form of two-dimensional Sri Yantra.

You can draw Sri Yantra on a piece of paper but preserving it for praying regularly might be difficult, that is why it is embossed on the metals.

Shree Yantra can be prepared using various metals like Bronze, Copper, Parad and it can be even prepared using crystals. You can purchase Original Crystal Shree Yantra online from SaansMart. It is perfectly designed, energized with mantras, and pure in all respects.

Crystal Shree Yantras are the easiest to clean and handle. They are available in different sizes at a pocket-friendly cost which makes them the preferred choice of many customers.

Original crystal Shree Yantra is regarded as perfect for ‘abhishekham’ and leads to happiness, wealth and prosperity in life. Placing it correctly in the place of worship and purchasing genuine Energized Shree Yantra from SaansMart ensures the desired results.

Crystal is one of the gemstones. Generally, gemstones are worn to remove planetary disturbances or to empower oneself. It is made from crystal and it attracts positivity and happiness. You can buy the Original Crystal Shree Yantra from SaansMart.

To a first time user, Crystal Shree Yantra looks like glass but there are certain differences among them. Glass as such does not have any healing properties whereas since ancient times gemstones like crystals are used for healing purposes and they have an enhancing effect on the mind, body, spirit and even influence our life and the course of our lives.

The ‘Garuda Purana or The Bharat Samhita’ deals with planetary gemology. Crystals find a place in ancient literature whereas glass has no mention at all.

When you hold both things in your palm, a crystal and a piece of glass that have approximately the same dimensions then you will find that glass is light compared to the crystal.

Shree Yantra itself is a powerful symbol that attracts wealth and prosperity. Crystals are often used to heal the mind and the body. They emit positive energy. That’s the reason why Shree Yantra made from crystals yields the best results.

Crystals are used since ancient times. According to sacred Indian texts the crystals have healing properties and are used to treat illness of mind and body. Generally, Reiki practitioners use it. Chinese, Greeks, and Romans use it as medicine.

Crystal Shree Yantra is a type of three dimensional Shri Yantra. It is made with fine quartz. The natural Quartz crystals are used as gemstones whereas the one which is obtained from silica sands, crystal, stones and Tripoli, is used in the industries.

When a Shri Yantra is formulated into a three-dimensional form, it is called Maha Meru Shri Yantra. Such Yantra can also be placed on the back of the tortoise and regarded as very auspicious according to the Vastu and Feng Sui.

You can derive the following benefits by worshipping the Crystal Shri Yantra:

  • Shree Yantra is a combination of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. Thus, by concentrating on it you improve your concentration and meditation ability.
  • Shree Yantra controls the ‘agnya chakra’. Thus, by meditation, you can awaken your ‘kundalini’.
  • It attracts positivity, health, wealth and prosperity.
  • By meditating using a Shree Yantra, it is easy for the soul to unite with the Supreme.
  • It helps to maintain peaceful relations at home and the workplace.
  • It attracts positivity due to the unique geometric construction.
  • It destroys the negative energies.
  • It improves decision-making ability.
  • It prevents an individual from making wrong decisions.
  • It ensures a steady flow of wealth.
  • It activates the crown chakra and the root chakra in the body.

Meditating on Shri Yantra requires you to concentrate on the symbol till it is engraved in your mind. You need to stare and meditate at the central point of the Shree Yantra. It stimulates the Pineal Gland and reveals the secrets of the Universe to you.

Crystal Shree Yantra should be kept on a red cloth in a temple and ‘abhisheka of ‘kumkum’ should be done as many times as possible with a chant of the Mahalaxmi mantra to yield the desired result.

The kumkum that gets collected on the top of the crystal is considered to be very pious and should be used by everybody to stay protected.

The  Crystal Shree Yantra should be placed facing the East direction.  It should be kept in such a place from where you can see it easily several times in the day. 

To energize it you need to chant the Mahalaxmi mantra or the Shree Suktam. Once energized it radiates the positive energy even more. 

The chakra responsible for money and relationships is the ‘Root Chakra’.  The Shree Yantra comprises female power and male power. As it is the combination of both superpowers, it yields great results for wealth and brings peace in relationships.

The Crystal Shree Yantra has the shape of a lotus. Just as a lotus rises from the mud around it, the Shree Yantra pulls out all negativity surrounding a person or a place and makes the environment conducive for development.

Many times we are surrounded by negative energies which stop us from achieving success, peace and harmony. There are times when things go out of control, we have extreme stress, stagnation in life, losses in business, bad investments, bad decisions, bad luck, repeated failures, feelings of depression, feelings of anxiety. That is the time to meditate on Crystal Shree Yantra and pray to it to restore all things.

It is only due to the Sacred Geometry of the Shri Yantra that we are in the position to block all the negative energies. Praying Shree Yantra equates to praying to all Gods and Goddesses.

Vaastu and has been specifically mentioned in the ‘Vaastu Shastra’. All constructions based on Vaastu must essentially have Shree Yantra in them.

The Shree Yantra finds its narration even in the Vedas. According to the Vedas, it is a scientific, cosmic and planetary energy zone that helps to heal the mind and the body.

Shree Yantra is regarded as a divine form of energy. It acts as a magnet to attract cosmic energy. 

The best days to worship Crystal Shree Yantra is Fridays. It is considered to be the best day for ‘sthapana’. You can also do ‘sthapana’ on any other days. Dhanteras or Navratri is also preferred for doing the ‘sthapana’. As such all days are auspicious when you chant the Mahalaxmi mantra or the Shree Suktam and meditate on the Shree Yantra. 

You can pray to it daily by simply joining your hands before it and bowing before it. You need not chant the mantras all the time.

Blog by Saans Mart Content Development Team

Writer: Dr Pallavi Kwatra

Chief Editor & Content moderator: Dr Pallavi Kwatra


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