Crystal Towers

What is the use of Crystal Towers?

Crystal Towers are used to amplify the effect. They stand for power and hence push negativity away.

Healing Crystal Towers are used for healing, removing negative blocks in the different Chakras.

What are the different types of Crystal Towers available at Saans Mart?

Natural Aquamarine Tower – As the name itself indicates, it has a soothing effect of the sea. It is synonymous with courage.

It helps in:

Generating Self-awareness,


Innocence and creativity

Clear communication

Confidence and intuition

It takes care of the throat, Spleen and Heart. It is helpful to people who have marine-related jobs.

Black Agate Tower – It is used to maintain peace and harmonious relationships.  It also helps in maintaining the balance of thoughts and guides in making the correct decisions.

At Saans Mart, Reiki symbols are engraved on it which makes it the best choice for healing.  It is also useful for treating bones, joints and neck pain.

Clear Quartz tower – This is the easiest tower for programming. It can be used for a variety of purposes. It relates to the soul chakra and is often used by reiki practitioners for healing.

Hematite Reiki symbol tower – Hematite is considered to be a very effective stone for grounding and protection. It quickly recognizes negative energies and obstructs them.  It is considered to be soothing for health and safeguards injuries.

At Saans Mart Reiki symbols are engraved on it which make it faster for the reiki practitioner to heal the person.

Tiger Eye Reiki symbol tower – Tiger Eye Reiki symbol tower has the power to promote mental clarity and is helpful in decision making without getting emotionally attached.

It is also useful in curing mind-related disorders, fear and anxiety. It boosts self-esteem and confidence. Reiki symbols engraved on it make it even more powerful and easy to heal.

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