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Being safe and comfortable is attributed to space where we spent a lot of time, the vibes are so attached, and one feels the thought of belonging. Such a space can only be at one’s home where one can feel relaxed without much ado. The place surrounded by our family and relatives shares a unique bond of love, care, and affection.

When there is a difference of opinions, it creates an uncomfortable place for anyone to live. It can affect the aura in the house and among the family members. Negative thoughts of family members become more pronounced, preferring to stay away from the house than at home. To create harmony in our house, Kalash Shanti Yantra is significant in decimating such vibes. SAANSMART is an online platform for providing you with the best spiritual products and also create awareness of wellness.  

Turning the house to a home is never a shift from edifice to a living space, it is very much the place for peace and tranquillity among the family members which need to restore whenever there are arguments. The best way to negate such deleterious ambience is when there is more synergy among the family members. Kalash Shanti Yantra can bring in peace and harmony with a synergy of coherence.


The indifferences which creates animosity slowly melts away using the yantra. The marital bliss is veined in a couple’s life with mutual understanding, mutual respect, and ever-flowing love which were missing after many years of marriage. There are peace and relief within each family member’s belief system. The crumbling cacophony is brought together with oneness with mutual understanding and mutual respect. Home blessed with a cornucopia of food and prosperity with financial burdens shrunken leading to substantial wealth. The malefic effects of the planets reduced. Chanting Grah Kalesh Shanti Mantra with the yantra in the morning bring peace and harmony in the home.

Sarva Mangala Maangalaye Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike

Sharannye Triambake Gauri Naaraayanni Namostute

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The use of yantra and chanting of mantra can annul many negative vibes within the home that create disharmony among the family member. To have the best solution along with the yantra and chanting of mantra, the family members should perform the chants with greater concentration, faith, and sincerity praying for the wellbeing of all the family members in the home. They should be in peace individually when performing such prayers with conviction. 

Kalesh Shanti Yatra is such a vital organ to be placed in your home to have a soothing effect. The yantra can clear the differences within the family members with more clarity for blissfulness. Using the yantra you can feel more at peace, leaving the negative vibes away from home. The yantra can help in soothing the individual from stress and decrease depression. Anxiety-related issues get stalled with an individual is in confidence to outperform the self. The thought process becomes lucid, lead to a stable decision process imbibed in any adverse situations. 

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