A well-designed home is a home that reflects the personality of people living in it. Sculptures offer a way for people to make a bold statement about things that are close to their hearts. You can choose from our wide variety of sculptures that encapsulate appreciation for nature and world heritage. They enliven dull spaces by adding an element of conversation sparking visual interest. The Indian tradition has been a quarry of diamonds for art & sculpture and has offered its diamonds and pearls to the world. Our ancient temples with well-sculpted interiors and painful attention to detailing are living proof of it. To continue making our living spaces aesthetic and more viable in all ways, Indian sculptures online is a tool to enable the same.

Brass, stone & wood are common materials from which these can be carved. Just like a goldsmith ensures a shining jewel out of a mound of gold or a farmer promises a fertile yield from a piece of land, The artist enables the formless crumbles to take on forms that convey specific ideas, archetypes and forms. The sincerity and purity of their intent decide how the completed piece impacts its audience.

At Saans Mart, we have a large exquisite collection of Indian sculptures online. The intent of this collaboration is to make our customers peep into the traditions that have adorned the Indian soil and facilitate them to anoint their own households, office spaces and temples with these idols, sculptures etc.

In brass sculptures, we have idols of Gods & Goddesses like Radha, Krishna, Durga, Natraja, Buddha, Ganesha etc. We also have brass antique boxes, chowkis, nutcrackers, Diyaas, aarti and pooja materials, doorknobs and many more unique and tastefully artistic collectables. Free delivery and safe and secure payment gateways ensure an Indian sculpture online shopping in broad and diverse categories.

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Appu Ganesh




Horse Standing




Lord Budhha


Radha Krishna


Ram Darbar


Shiva Nandi


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