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King Sulemani Hakik Akik Heart Shaped Crystal Pendant?

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Pendant Size :- 30 X 30 MM ( Length X Breath )

Material:Sulemani Hakik & White Metal

This Pendant Is in Natural Tumbled Shape So Shape Can Be Differ From The Pictures

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King Sulemani Hakik Akik Heart Shaped Crystal Pendant?

Sulemani Akik Stone is considered as Holy Stone and provides you protection agains the bad dreams.

They are available in The benefit of Aqeeq is that it creates joy in the heart, It is also revered in other religious and has been in use from the time of Hazrat Adam ( a.s.).

It absorbs the rays of the sun and passes these onto the body and is good for health.

Black Aqeeq protects children from envious eyes. Hazrat Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq (a.s.) has said that a namaz with Aqeeq is 40 times better than one without it

. It is also great thawaab to use tasbeeh of aqeeq as said by Hazrat Imam Musa e Kazim Jyotish emphasizes that everyone use their astrological chart as a means of introspection; to view the obstacles in their lives, as outlined by their horoscope, not as problems,

but as a means of growth.Vedic Astrology tells us that each planet has associated gemstones that have healing properties.

**medical disclaimer**

all above mentioned descriptions are according to indian & chinese mythology & the seller takes no responsibility whatsoever for any claim made in the descriptions. healing benefits of stones should not be intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other healthcare professional.


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