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Lip care is undoubtedly the most underrated part of our daily self care routines, the general motion being that the only concern regarding our lips that can ever emerge is in winters when they get chapped. Lips are exposed to the elements every minute of every day, and between the intense cold, dry air, and hot sun – that’s a lot to endure! Also, smiling is only the second best utilization we make of our lips after all. How then do we end up neglecting lip care so unabashedly!?!
Indulging in basics, like wearing lip balm everyday is something that we all should get into the habit of. Lip care is a must in order to maintain youthful, wrinkle-free lips. Having said that, how many of us realize that exfoliation, hydration, protection and moisturizing of lips should be as much integral to our daily beauty regimes as skin care is. We are all guilty of being lazy and instead of looking for our lip balm when we need it; we just lick our lips instead. But licking can actually do more harm than good. Each time we apply saliva to our lips it actually causes the air to quickly evaporate and suck up moisture, which can dry out and chap our lips even more than before.
Well, Saansmart allows you to be mindful by providing a wide range of lip care solutions at attractive prices to choose from. While a quality assurance of purely organic ingredients being used in every single product listed with us is a given forever, we invite you to sample our specific categories under wellness and beauty: lip care being just one of our several star ranges.
From butters and balms to natural tints and glosses, our products come in perfect 10-20g packs… bee-wax and honey being the base ingredient primarily. While Beeswax contains natural moisturizers that lock in moisture from the air and help keep the skin looking firm and plump, honey protects cracked lips from infection. It also works as a mild exfoliator and can help remove dry, dead skin from our lips. Extracts from flowers such as hibiscus, rose, lily and lavender and fruits like green apple, strawberry, pomegranate and lemon have also been extensively used in our lip care range so as to be able to tap into their potent restorative properties.

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