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Maha Ganesha


Maha Ganesha is regarded as the thirteenth among the 32 different forms of Ganesha. He is the representation of Ganesha as the Supreme being: Paramatman and is the most important deity of the Ganesha-centric Ganapatya sect. He is one of the most popular of the thirty-two forms of Ganesha, worshipped as the ultimate truth; Para brahman. This form of Ganesha symbolizes happiness, wealth and magnificence of Ganesha. Maha Ganesha is one of the five Shakti-Ganesha icons. Maha Ganesha is believed to have existed before the creation of the universe and will exist after its dissolution (pralaya). He is said to be the creator God; Brahma, who aids in the creation of the universe and all other beings. One who meditates on this form of Ganesha is said to obtain supreme bliss. The word ?Maha? simply means ?great? and can represent a distinguished status too. Maha Ganesha is hence, ?The great Ganesha,? who holds special significance. In this form, he has some similarity with his father Lord Shiva, as he too has three eyes and also sports a crescent moon on his head.

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