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Orange Selenite Crystal Guardian Angel


Size :- Aprox 2 Inches In Height And 1 Inch Broad

Material Used :- Natural Selenite Stone

Removes Negative Energy

Weight :- 40 Gram

10 in stock

Orange Selenite Crystal Guardian Angel?

It Is Beleived That Selenite Is A Crystalline Variety Of The Mineral Gypsum. It Is A Very Soft Mineral Which Can Be Easily Scratched With A Fingernail And Therefore Not Recommended For Jewellery. If Placed In Water, Selenite Will Revert To Gypsum.

For Crown Chakra


**Medical Disclaimer**

All Above Mentioned Descriptions Are According To Indian & Chinese Mythology & The Seller Takes No Responsibility Whatsoever For Any Claim Made In The Descriptions. Healing Benefits Of Stones Should Not Be Intended As A Substitute For Advice From Your Physician Or Other Healthcare Professional.

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm

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