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Just like food, What we decide to drink also has significant importance to our own bodies and the world around us. Organic Beverages are drinks that lack pesticides, genetic hormones, chemicals in the form of artificial or added colour, taste or preservatives. Whether it is to beat the gruelling heat or to bask in the warmth of a hot drink on a chilly day, Beverages have formed an important part of our daily lives. It is impossible for most of us to imagine a day without these drinks to beat the blues and relish the gaiety of our lives.

At Saansmart, we offer you an array of organic beverages like tea, coffee, energy drinks, juices, soups, squashes and coconut water etc. Tea finds its place in almost all world traditions and countries in spite of their climates, locales and social conditioning. it can be drunk cold or hot and has many health benefits other than its use as a relaxant and for refreshment. As per extensive medical studies, Tea drinking has found to decrease atherosclerotic heart disease and thus lower the incidence of stroke. It soothes the digestive system, reduces weight and prevents tooth loss due to cavities. Its antioxidant role prevents cancers and augments the body’s immune system. It has less caffeine than coffee and is a valuable beverage choice. Every time is Tea Time!

Saansmart has many varieties of organic and herbal teas with exotic combinations of natural ingredients that boost health and immunity. available as green tea, herbal tea etc by many renowned brands from the Indian market like Organic India, Alpino, Kissan etc, the customer can choose from healthy and tasteful combinations. Tulsi tea varieties available are tulsi honey, tulsi ashwagandha, tulsi lemon, tulsi chamomile, jasmine etc. Herbal organic beverages tea options are peppermint, Tulsi Brahmi & Tulsi pomegranate. Energy drinks like Kashmiri Kawah are unique assets from the rich tradition of Kashmiri and have many ingredients like cloves, cinnamon, elaichi, saffron, black pepper, ginger etc and is a health-friendly and immunity building drink.

Coffee drunk in moderation and mindfully can help prevent strokes, aid to have a healthy liver and blood circulation, boosting immunity and preventing calorie intake. It has proven a protective role against mental diseases like parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s etc. At Saansmart, you will find an exotic collection of organic coffee and also available in different weight packings and under many brands.

Organic Beverage juices available at saansmart help in boosting immunity, provide instant glucose and thus sizzle up energies, are light to digest, and create an ambience for healthy skin and hair too. Many squashes made from fruit pulps are concentrated mood elevators and healthy energy drink options too.



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