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Parad Shree Yantra Large

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Parad is made from liquid mercury. Making it requires many processes and mixing with ancient rare herbs. It is said that Parad combines the power of both male (Shiva) and Female (Shakti).


Parad Shree Yantra is mainly useful to attract peace and a harmonious relationship between husband and wife. It is a boon for childless couples. At SaansMart you get genuine Parad Shree Yantra online.


Length-4cm, Width-4cm, Weight-150grams

Parad is solidified mercury. In its natural state mercury is found in a liquid state in nature and considered to be poisonous.

For obtaining Parad from liquid mercury many processes are done and later it is mixed with many sacred and medicinal rare herbs to purify it. The Parad Shree Yantra that you purchase from SaansMart is pure in all respects.

Shree Yantra itself is a symbol that attracts positivity, wealth, happiness, peace and prosperity. When it is moulded using the metal Parad it yields even more magical properties.

According to guru Yogi Padacharya, the guru of Adi Shankar Acharya,

Parad Shri Yantra Benefits:

  • It is helpful in many medical alignments.
  • It helps to remove Vastu defects if any.
  • It is the sole medicine for acquiring a perfectly healthy physique and extremely long life.
  • It protects from enemies and removes all fears.
  • It is best for meditation.

According to ancient scriptures, Mercury is obtained from Lord Shiva and it is mixed with Sulphur to obtain Parad. Sulphur is regarded as a ‘shakti’. So parad signifies a combination of male and female to form a divine being. Shree Yantra itself signifies a combination of Shiva and Shakti. When you purchase a Parad Shree Yantra, you get the benefit of both things.

It is due to this reason that parad Shree Yantra is used for meditation and especially useful for obtaining harmony in husband-wife relationships.

Cost-wise Parad Shree Yantra is costly than sphatik and crystal Shree yantra but it offers more benefits compared to it. Cost depends on the size of Shree Yantra. Both the metal used for making the Shree Yantra and the geometrical design of Shree Yantra itself makes it a fabulous combination.

Obtaining parad from mercury is a time-consuming task. Different processes like Swadan, Mardan, Murcchhan, Utthapan and Patan are performed to make it pure. The Parad Shree Yantra that we provide you is the purest form and yields the desired results soon.

It is said that parad is the only element that can remain mixed with other elements without actually losing its own identity. This quality can be used to test its authenticity. When touched by other metals, the other metals lose their colour or lustre.

Online purchase of Parad Shree Yantra from SaansMart ensures you the genuineness of the quality of the product.

Disclaimer: No claims are made on metaphysical properties or accuracy of the geometry of this product. The actual product may vary from picture as seen on the website. ‘This product may lose its original polish or colour in due course but the yantra continues to emit auspicious vibrations.’ The product is not available for exchange/refund as it is energized and consecrated as per individual.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 cm
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6 reviews for Parad Shree Yantra Large
  • Harsh Rajput

    My UK visa was getting delayed due to Corona. My mother prays daily to Shree Yantra and probably due to it I got UK visa.

  • dhruvin sha

    I am thankful to Saans Mart for bringing this divine tool before me. I pray to it daily and find peace restored in everything that I do.

  • shivu bala

    My husband does not believe in horoscope, vastu etc so allowing me to buy shree yantra was out of question. Still I brought it secretly and pray to it daily. After some months when he noticed change in our financial condition he understood that his hard work + my prayers worked. THANS SAANS MART

  • Reena Nayak

    I am quite knowledgeble to judge original and duplicate things and purchasing things online does not appeal to me. I compared Parad Shree Yantra from different vendors and finally purchased it from Saans Mart. It looks original Parad. Good to go!

  • Mansi Mondal

    The first thing I noticed after purchasing it is that Parad is delicate and slips from hands. Take care! Awesome product. This is truly divine.

  • Anita Solanki

    We had a Sphatik Shree Yantra earlier at home and I received immense benefits from it and hence I decided to order Parad Shree Yantra from Saans Mart for my friend. The product is awesome. Thinking of ordering the one for my workplace. Just wanted to ask; do you have any corporate diwali gifting packages for Shree Yantra?

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