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In this Astrology Learning series we will learn about Planet Characteristics in brief

SUN Father, king, soul, authority, ego, government, power, dignity, strength,
head, bones, heart, eye, fame, pride, vitality, atma, self-centered, noble, pompous
leadership, steady, constant, fixed
MOON Mother, queen, memory, senses & emotions, blood, chest, happiness,
sensitivity, receptivity, fluids/watery, change, travel, femininity, habits & sound
conditioning, homeostasis, public, nature, food, face, eyes, women
MARS Younger siblings, energy, courage, impatience, incisive mind, pioneering
spirit, fire, cuts, liver, anger, fixed property, logic, enemies, initiative, arrogance
MERCURY Uncles, communication, education, intellect, adaptability,
commerce, writing, language, astrology, joking, skills, expediency, adolescence,
wit, cleverness, nervous system, speech, rational mind
JUPITER Children, guru, minister, advisor, counselor, knowledge, morality,
wealth, fat tissue, good fortune, ear/hearing, dharma, grace wisdom, optimism,
expansion, good deeds, religion, charity, teacher, education, kindness, spirituality
VENUS Spouse, wife, marriage, kidneys, desires, material pursuits, the arts,
charm, comforts, charisma, conveyances, beauty, love, sensuality, clothing, jewels,
vanity, diplomacy, counselor, indulgences, harmony, fertility, women
SATURN Servants, responsibility, discipline, consistency, isolation, melancholy,
grief, joints, knees, labor, longevity, security, spine, stiffness, foreign, poverty,
coldness, separation, obstacles, boundaries, strategy, control, renunciation, chronic
RAHU Magic, illusion, ambition, deceit, manipulation, poison, snakes, all things
foreign, material pursuits, shadows, diplomats, psychic disturbances, collective
trends (technology), epidemics, mass disturbances, viruses, attachments,
disguises, intriguer, cravings
KETU Spiritual pursuits, moksha, inflammatory situations, insects, surgery,
accidents, iconoclasm, fanaticism, negation, detachment, separation, surprise,
impulsive, change, suddenness, eccentricity, subtly, intuition

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