If you are here, that means you are curious to know about Shree Yantra. Well, in that case, please read this first; we’ll share a secret with you at the end of the paragraph:

Gerard Huet in his research about Shri Yantra quotes: “Sri Yantra (also written Shri Yantra) is a sacred diagram of Tantric Hinduism. 

It consists of three concentric parts: 

  • An inner figure of interpenetrating triangles:

This figure, symmetric in its vertical central axis, contains both upward-pointing triangles (vahni), symbolizing the male element (\Purusha”, the Person), and downward-pointing triangles (Sakti), symbolizing the female aspect (\Prakriti”, i.e. energy) of divinity. 

There are 4 male triangles and 5 female ones. Their interpenetration symbolizes the complementarity of the opposite principles in creating the illusion of duality through ignorance, whereas the general symmetry and balance of the whole figure symbolize the more profound reality of Unity of God through its various unfoldings.  

  • There are two concentric circles, wearing a regular lotus (Padma) design. The inner pattern has a period of 8, the outer one has a period of 16. 

These patterns symbolize the sanctity of the inner diagram, used in Yoga meditation as a linear yantra.  

  • A triple Greek-like key pattern, the bhupura, or sisirita (shivered) frame. It symbolizes the ground plan of a temple with 4 square openings, in the 4 directions of space. This sanctuary is the seat (pt .ha) of one’s chosen deity (is . t .a-devata), representing one’s Higher Self.”

We know……. Most of you found it hard to understand, isn’t it?

We intended to show you how complex the geometrical figure Shree Yantra is!

Just imagine how much precision it takes to craft it on different plates like copper plate, gold plate, brass plate or to make it from different materials like sphatik, brass, copper or 3D yantras.

Making Shree Yantras requires a lot of expertise because people worship yantras to obtain certain specific things in life like peace, wealth, good health, prosperity etc. 

If the Shree Yantras are not properly crafted then you cannot obtain the desired results and it looks very bad for us.

 It is our first attempt to give you the Shree Yantras with exact geometrical figures so that you can derive the maximum benefit from them.

At Saans Mart we have different types of Shree Yantra models like pocket Shree Yantras, 3D Shree Yantras, Plate Shree Yantras and Meru Shree Yantras.

It is interesting to note that each Shri Yantra is purified with the chants and care is taken to make it a perfect geometrical figure.

Shree Yantra offers various benefits that include:

  • Attracts good vibes and good fortune
  • Maintains peaceful relations
  • Helps in attaining spiritual goals
  • Eradicates negativity.

Copper Plated Shree Yantra

As the name implies, Copper Plate Shree Yantra is drawn on a copper plate. Just as the seed buried in the soil does not turn into a crop unless it gets sunlight; similarly, unless you do proper pooja, do chanting and sthapana, the copper plate Shree Yantra will not give you the required benefits.

The Copper Plate Shree Yantra can be obtained in a variety of sizes. The best part about a Copper Plate Shree Yantra is that you can do ‘abhishekam’ on it and drink that water as a ‘prasad’. Copper is considered good for health.

Bhojpatra Pocket Shri Yantra

Bhojpatra ShreeYantra is geometrically crafted on the ‘bhojpatra.’ Bhojpatra has immense uses and that is why Shree Yantra is embossed on it.

The good thing about  Bhojpatra Shree Yantra is that you get the exact ‘traditional looks’. Bhojpatra has immense medicinal values and hence it is regarded as important in Ayurveda.

When the positive power of Shree Yantra is combined with the healing powers of bhojpatra, it yields magical results.

Swiss Gold Plated Shree Yantra

If you wish to have a Shree Yantra which appeals to the eyes then go for Swiss Gold Plated Shree Yantra. It is framed so you can even use it as a wall piece.

The best part about Swiss Gold Plated Shree Yantra is that due to the different colour combinations, it looks good and it is easy to meditate.

Gold Plated Pocket Shree Yantra

Gold Plated Pocket Shri Yantra is best if you wish to keep it in your worship place. It is beautifully crafted with perfect geometrical dimensions.

What makes it the best choice is the small size, the make of gold and the use of vibrant colours. The colour usage makes it easy for a beginner to do ‘tratak’ on the ‘bindu’ and meditate.


We hope you enjoyed reading about Shri Yantra as much as we enjoyed writing it. For a person who is reading it for the first time, it might seem like a ‘marketing gimmick’ but in reality, even our ancient texts suggest proof about the existence of Shree Yantra.

We hope that you use the product at least once with proper devotion and not to test it. Then you’ll get magical results.

We don’t claim that you will start getting all that you desire as soon as you start praying the Shree Yantra but it makes the path to achieve success easily. Do share your views with us after using the product. We’d love to hear from you. Shubham Bhavatu!

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