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SKU- (Stock Keeping Unit) a number used to keep records on the website; this number can be anything to maintain records.

Product Title: Enter your product name in this field.

Product Short Description: Enter a short description of product in about 25- 100 words.

Product Full Description: Enter full description of product; full description can contain 50 to 1000 words.

GST Rates: Enter the GST rates applicable to your product, e.g., gst-18, gst-12, gst-5, gst-0, gst-28.

Stock: Please enter the stock quantity available for sale at Saans Mart.

Weight (in Kg): Enter product weight in KG, e.g., if your product weight is 100 grams, then write it as 0.1 in the weight fields.

Length (in cm): Lenght of your products

Width (in cm): Width of your products

Height (in cm): Height of your products

Regular Price: Mention the regular price of your product; this price does not include any discount.

Sale Price: Enter the sale price, fill this field only when you have any discount to offer, e.g., if your product price is ₹100, and you want to provide a 10% discount, then you will enter the price ₹90

Image Links: Mention image links for your products, Please note, Saans Mart does not support image links from Dropbox and Google Drive; you can place the links from your website. Kindly use only images lesser than 1000 by 1000 pixels and File size less than 300KB.

to copy image links from your existing website: please follow the instruction given below.

  1. Go to your website
  2. open the product details page
  3. right-click on the product image
  4. select the “Copy Image Address.”
  5. Paste it Image link field 

If you have more than one image, follow the same instruction for more images and paste the links on image links columns
e.g., 1st product image link will be pasted in Image Link 1, and 2nd image link will be pasted in Image Link 2

If you have product images in the folder, you can use any image hosting website to create the links; some image hosting sites are given below.

Kindly use only images lesser than 1000 by 1000 pixels and File size less than 300KB.


If you need more clarifications, feel free to contact us on 086300 32770, or email us at [email protected]

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