One of the most significant divine astrological yantras is the Navgrah Yantra.  Navgrah Yantra is the only yantra to have the houses of all the nine planets. The etymology of Nav means nine and Grah means planets, as the words decode it is the space of nine planets. The yantra has Vedic astrological importance with celestial influence with all the nine planets involved. Yantra is an attribute to allure all the positive energy from all the forms. They have a very definite geometry alignment which can synergise the energy form for more vibrations. The vibrations are more powerful when in contact with any form. Navgrah Yantra is a powerful sacred form carrying the energies of nine planets. SAANSMART is an online platform for providing you with the best spiritual products and also create awareness of wellness.

Navgrah Yantra negates all the negative vibes in our home. The sacred yantra has the power to remove the planetary doshas. Place the yantra in the east direction facing west which brings good fortune in health and wealth when prayed with sincerity and faith. The yantra brings positive vibes in your belief system, bringing in the love, self-respect, and mutual understanding in married life. The yantra can bring in good health and prosperity. The financial burdens overcome with the abundant inflow of wealth using the yantra. The thought becoming lucid, the call for a journey of spiritual exploration becomes a part of life. The yantra shall bring in smile-enhancing the quality of life.


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Navgrah Yantra has a talismanic significance to enhance and provide a beneficial effect on all your planets. The nine planets can create a great synergy of energies which can create peace and harmony in the house. With the inauspicious positions of planets concerning Vedic astrology, hard work alone cannot face you from the struggle, evil effects of the planets are to eliminate. The Navgrah Yantra can negate the inimical effects of the nine planets. The yantra can provide bliss in your life. The yantra has a combined nine planets with nine square with each representing a deity. The yantra can ward off all the evil vibes with unfavourable positioning of the planets. One can chant Beej mantra for nine times for Navgrah Yantra : 

Om Suryae Namah

Chandrae Namah

Budhae Namah

Brahaspatiae Namah

Mangale Namah

Shukrae Namah

Sani Ae Namah

Rahu Ae Namah

Ketu Ae Namah

Navgarahe Namah


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The Navgrah Yantra constitute nine planets influence – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. The nine planets have a strong influence on your traits. Sun has a more significant influence in providing philosophical savoir-faire, patience, and mental toughness. Moon keeps fear away from our belief system, providing you with the strength for a sound body, and appreciation in the society. Mars is related to doshas and obstacle, removed by worshipping the yantra. Mercury provides the intellectual edifice to become successful in life. Jupiter has been favourable to eliminate the obstacles in life, resolve the marital problem, provide you with financial stability, and spiritual wisdom. Venus is for the pleasures of life – love, art, and desires. Saturn stands for the strength for endurance which is relatively at a slower pace than the rest. Rahu provides a chiaroscuro effect with mixed bags. Worshipping Ketu can make you brave from mental trauma and drive you away from accidents. 


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