Shiva Shakti Talks (Paperback)


The orgasmic maithuna (sacred sexual ritual of union) between the Inner Shakti and Shiva finds expression through these 112 set of talks between them. Enticing, illuminating and full of rasa?.They bring the reader to be inspired to search with-in and have his own such interactions.
Free from the bigotry of duality, these talks are an impressum of the voices within us bringing us to new perceptions of a global and wholesome self that we essentially are. May you enjoy the Sambhoga!


Shiva & Shakti are not beings but forms of consciousness that come together to complement each other and make a wholesome one. As the globalization of truth, they blend and complete each other through their unique energy imprints. It might sound lucrative to believe Shiva and Shakti to be some individuals or persons or Gods and to seek them outside us to complete our story sounds like an easy way out. The search for them outside will forever disillusion us as we fall into the trap of identities and personas. It is vital for each one of us to remain as a silent unbiased witness to these two energies coupling and intermingling in divine union.

This book arises from such an inspiration where their longing and mating has been observed from a neutral standpoint. As Shakti inquires, Shiva responds and illuminates. And then they rejoice in the celebration of wisdom illumi-nations and their eternal love lock. Advaita, tantra, yoga and all concepts are various ways their sambhoga (sacred ritual of communion) fructifies.

In my own journey,the Sri chakra symbolically connotates to this fusion where the Shiva and Shakti archetypes find themselves in an ars erotica at its ?bindu?. My guru, Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi is its physical manifestation. In him; I find my forte of jnana of Shiva and the karuna (compassion) of Shakti.

Inspired from the vignana bhairava tantra, 112 such talks have been compiled here. They do not come from any scriptural source and are not meant to be practised as reference points in one?s spiritual journey. They are the sukshm (subtle) murmerings that happen at the hridhyam (heart) and are only meant to nudge the reader to do his own inner work. Hope the Ardhanareeshwara in us comes to a beautiful blossoming!

Aum Shakti! Aum Shiva!
Dr Pallavi Kwatra

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