Shri Yantra Accessories

The accessories adorn the beauty of Shree Yantra. That is the reason we beautify the idols by using ‘astagandha’, kumkum, flowers, and garlands.

What are the different Shri Yantra accessories available at SaansMart?

At Saans Mart we provide you with different accessories like ‘Devi charan paduka, Navratna and Zinc Shree Yantra pendant’ and others.

Devi charan padukas help you to stay grounded in reality. Whenever you seek the blessings keeping your forehead on the paduka, you can feel the purity and a sense of belongingness to the Devi.

Navratna consists of nine gems that are helpful for different purposes. They can help to clear the planetary disturbances.

Shri Yantra Pendant can be worn across the neck. Often ladies do not have trousers with pockets and hence it is difficult to carry Shri Yantra with you every time. In such cases, the pendant can be useful.

Why should you use Shree Yantra Accessories?

When you use the accessories in addition to the Yantra, the atmosphere becomes more positive and helps to attain the desired goal.

What are the benefits that are derived by using the Shree Yantra?

  • Shree Yantra is a combination of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. Thus, by concentrating on it you improve your concentration and meditation ability.
  • Shree Yantra controls the ‘agnya chakra’. Thus, by meditation, you can awaken your ‘kundalini’.
  • It attracts positivity, health, wealth and prosperity.
  • By meditating using a Shree Yantra, it is easy for the soul to unite with the Supreme.

Where should we place Shri Yantra and its accessories?

Preferably the Shri Yantra should be placed in the place of worship and it should be worshipped daily. The Shri Yantra accessories should also be kept in the same place.

Shri Yantra itself is a positive instrument to attract wealth, so when it is kept in a pious place the possibility of its yielding results quickly increases two-fold.

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Big Size Shri Yantra navgraha navratana ashtadhatu Gold Plat...

Original price was: ₹977.00.Current price is: ₹684.00.

Devi Charan Paduka

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Shree Yantra Navratan Pendant

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Shri Yantra Metal Panchdhatu Gold Plated Pendant

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Sri Yantra Crystal Pendent

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Zinc Shree Yantra Pendant

Original price was: ₹625.00.Current price is: ₹312.50.