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Here are the few simple methods to keep all the 9 Planets Balanced in Daily Life

  1. Sun: Wake up early morning before sunrise
  2. Moon: Get Blessings from mother every morning
  3. Mercury: Eat Green Vegetable or fruit in the Morning
  4. Venus: Use Good Perfume or Fragrance in the Morning
  5. Mars: Chant Hanuman Chalisa Daily
  6. Jupiter: Eat Healthy and Satvik food
  7. Saturn: Respect and behave well with Servants and Beggars
  8. Rahu : Always think positive and sleep on time
  9. Ketu : Do everything in proper way and discipline

Hope these simple but effective methods will help you in Keeping your planets balanced

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  1. Jyoti.Kar April 11, 2023 Reply

    It is immensely helpful to me.

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