How to Clean Aura

The Aura is an energy shield as a magnetic field of energy that absorbs and adsorbs vibes to protect us from negativity. The aura should be in equilibrium with the existing to have a perfect harmony with the body and ambience. It is an extension of your physical self, tuned with emotions and the external surroundings. SAANSMART is an online platform for providing you with the best spiritual products and creates awareness of wellness. The crystals and smudge imbued the original with serenity and tranquillity lighting you to buy the product to make your life beautiful with a sound body and soothing mind.

The easiest way to cleanse your aura is to walk in the rain. The raindrops touch the body to soak outside and create bliss within. The toxins are washed away by rain.

A shower with a bathtub with a few drops of eucalyptus and a cup of sea salt shall be an excellent refreshment. Sandalwood and rose enhance the cleansing effect when added to the bathtub. A shower can cleanse the aura. Being in a quiet place with eyes closed and visualizing the self with chanting mantras can create positive affirmations.

Meditate every morning to be in sync with your form and cleanses within. Meditating shall provide you with bliss and stress-free thoughts. A good morning walk, listening to the chirping birds, the flow of the river, the fragrance of the air, and many more beautiful creations by nature can be consuming if we fall in her beauty. Walking barefoot will make the root chakra connected to the earth and strengthens the aura. Sunlight is a natural source to nurture and expand your aura, nourishing the sense and making you energetic and blissful. Sun has the healing powers to cleanse the pure light and wash away the darker thoughts. 

Crystals are known in the world around for their healing properties as energy cleansers. They create inspiration and act as a shield to fight against all the vibes. The rose quartz provides a strong vibration of bliss, love, and emotional healing.

They heal the relationship, creating mutual understanding with love and compassion. They provide unconditional love and help in opening the heart chakra, increase blood circulation. 

Black Obsidian crystal helps you to be grounded as connected with the root chakra. Carnelian crystals provide emotional support as connected with the sacral chakra. Citrine crystal is associated with creativity and wealth. They help in creating leadership qualities with self-confidence.

Rose Quartz Crystal activate positive vibes, enhances self-love, and unconditional love. Lapis Lazuli crystal connected to the throat chakra provides confidence and grace.

Clear Quartz crystal associated with the crown of the head connect with your higher self and intuition. Amethyst crystal is the stone of the third eye and crown chakra connected with the higher self and cleanses the negative energy.

The burning sacred herbs and resins with the smoke can cleanse your aura is known as smudging. Smudging is the world’s earliest cultural and spiritual practices. Light an incense stick and pass the smoke all over the body, allowing the herb’s properties to cleanse the higher self. 

White Sage or Sacred Sage is a perennial plant, producing antimicrobial oil considered the most sacred smudging herbs. It has spiritual cleansing and healing properties having a heady smell.

Yerba Santa is an aromatic shrub known for enhancing psychic abilities with spiritual cleansing and healing properties having a pleasant scent. Rosemary is a perennial shrub having a heady smell. It is used for healing and spiritual cleansing to enhance memory.

Resins are dried sap from the trees used for smudging having medicinal properties. The resin emits the holy smoke having a fragrance to cleave negative energies to follow the spiritual realm.

The smoke shall provide high vibrations to heal, balance, and be protective of the physical body.

Frankincense extracted from the hardy trees of Boswellia is the traditional resin having a woodsy and earthly smell. Frankincense is an effective antidepressant and stress reliever to enhance intuition. They cleanse the negatives and provide positive vibes used as a healing and purifying agent.

Myrrh comes from a shrub of Commiphora has been the classical resin with medicinal properties. They have a rich earthly smell used for their cleansing and medical properties. Copal extracted from the copal tree has an earthy smell. They have spiritual cleansing and healing properties.

Amber is a mix of various resins and plant ingredients with a rich euphoric fragrance. Having a divine aroma makes them refer to Ambrosia. They are used as an aphrodisiac and for healing purposes. It is an antiseptic and shield against infection. Dragon’s blood extracted from the rattan palm trees used for its medicinal qualities has an earthy smell, used for purification, love, and good luck.

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