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Surreal and abstract paintings online is a major search under the paintings for home decor section in the new developed India context. Abstract and surrealism are two different forms or styles of artistic expression that emerged during the early 20th century. Both came about because artists were seeking new or better ways to express themselves and partly because they were dissatisfied with the norms and conventions of their time. Surreal and abstract paintings online are products of art that became new ways for artists to express their creativity, vehicles to unleash the imagination.
Surreal and abstract paintings online arose out of unrelated ideas and different influences. Each was first used in a different artistic medium, even though both are most evident today in paintings. They also differ in the specific norm or idea that they are rejecting or departing from. And although each artwork can be seen as being from the artist’s imagination, the idea and goal behind each artistic style is different.
Abstract is a style of art where the artwork does not refer to or represent anything in the natural world. The subject of abstract is what is in the artwork itself; colors, shapes, lines, textures, and all the rest. These are collectively known as the formal qualities of an artwork. Abstract art is sometimes called nonobjective art, nonrepresentational art or even non figurative art.
Surrealism is artwork that draws from the unconscious or with a subject as interpreted by the unconscious. Surrealists believe that the unconscious mind is the source of artistic creativity. Surrealist artists therefore developed techniques to tap the creativity of the unconscious. The results are artworks that can only be described as defying explanation and reason, which is the point of surrealism.
We at Saansmart believe in challenging both the mind and spirit towards a holistic development. By showcasing such classic surreal and abstract paintings online on our listings, we invite our patrons to endorse the depth in vision and thought for a better lifestyle. Unfathomable as much as it seems, you have to try us to believe us. Go through our enriching themes of KINESTHESIA, REPOSE, Entr’acte, Ancora Imparo, Serendipity, Abundance, living affinity, run the risk, unfurling and many many such more and entice your creative instincts through our beautiful acrylic on canvas artworks. Fantasia as we choose to call this aspect of Saansmart, revel in the glory of confusion and clarity mismatched to beautiful colors and undecipherable contexts. Come treat your eyes to surreal and abstract paintings online.

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