Tibetan Buddhism Prayer Wheel Mystique Knot Lucky Charm Hanging


  • Material: Alloy, ABS Plastic, Silk line
  • Color: Golden
  • Size: total Length: 38cm, the Prayer wheel length 8cm X width: 6cm.

Tibetan Buddhism Prayer Wheel Mystique Knot Lucky Charm Hanging

This product is by alloy and ABS plastic and hand made, rotatable design pattern is Tibetan om mani padme hum, tube top cover can be opened and interior is equipped with a small roll of scripture, the hand made one is Chinese luckly knot, its workmanship is very fine, when you are driving or you hanging to your business place or home it should be bless peace and prosperity, it is the best gift for you!! This is in accordance with the Tibetan tradition the purest, the most exquisite gift of Tibet, just like a piece of auspicious light shine on your body, bless you good luck forever.?Mysterious Tibetan culture with Tibetan as the core. She is the origin of Tibetan culture, is simple noble beliefs and the spiritual pillar of the Tibetan people. Unique Tibetan ornaments, the original natural, bold and vigorous, gives the wearer a kind of wild charm! In articles for daily use, household decoration, jewelry items were it endowed with profound connotation and the infinite strength.

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