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Water is an essential nutrient required for health and wellness in humans, as it is the primary medium that helps flush out toxins from within. While inadequate water intake manifests through various anomalies in our internal organ systems, the effects it has on our exteriors cannot be ignored either. Toners and mists are the new age wellness alternatives to having a perfect skin, more so as we forget to ensure the ideal daily water intake in our busy lives today.
The primary objectives of both these products are distinctly separate, but toners and mists when used together bring about a world of difference to one’s skin care regime. Essentially, toners cleanse and prep your skin for moisturizing, which in turn includes a hydrating product like face mists. In principle, a toner should be used right after washing one’s face, and before using a mist.
The Saansmart offers an array of toners and mists from two of the leading organic beauty brands to choose from. While the basic ingredients range from the medicinal neem and tulsi to the soothing green cucumber to mildly and pleasantly incense based rose or jasmine, the products come in utility oriented packs of about 100-125mls, priced optimally from 300/- to 2300/-. We urge you to splurge in the choice, rest assured about the quality of our products as they are duly tested and certified by supervisory bodies and are absolutely safe and potent on your skin. For best results, wash your face with luke warm water and dab it dry gently. Now soak a cotton pad with toner, and swipe it over your entire face and neck. This ensures optimum and deep cleaning of pores and allows for perfect absorption of the hydrating mist you spray onto your face, right afterwards.
Step into the world of instantly and effortlessly freshening up at any time of the day, with the toners and mists available at the Saansmart.

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