True Elements

True elements is a unique initiative that helps customers identify and validate functional foods (foods that have a health benefit associated with them and reduce the risk of diseases) and buy them directly on one platform. “Many diseases are still preventable – and one can mitigate the impact or reduce side effects with proper diet and nutrition,” says the founder of the digital wellness platform True Elements, which Saansmart is proud to collaborate with. Their vision is quite in sync with ours here at Saansmart as they too believe in offering a range of snacks and natural supplements that are completely organic and inspired by grains and seeds consumed by our ancestors.
The first FMCG food brand globally to share 100% transparency of the entire journey of the products right from the farm and into your kitchen, True Elements allows minimum tinkering of their ingredients and uses 100% whole grains, 0% Preservatives, 0% Added Sugar. With their motto of 0% false promises and jargon and 100% truth, this initiative offers you a whole variety of products to choose from. The baked granola from their ready to eat breakfast series is to die for, as is the crunchy nuts and berries muesli or the multi grain flakes with honey. To ensure the optimum daily intake of nutrients through their assorted products, True Elements offers an array of trail mixes. Also, the raw honey listed with them is a much tried and appreciated product.
From ethical sourcing to pollution-free processing, the True Elements stays true to the planet. In fact return back to them their empty packaging and they get it converted into cooking fuel and distribute that among rural women.
With such altruistic aphorism and belief in return to the roots, we at Saansmart are proud to be associated with their vision. Come, savor the pure delight of True Elements with us!!!

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