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Here are some money affirmations that you can use to attract abundance and prosperity into your life:

  1. “I am worthy of abundance and prosperity.”
  2. “Money flows easily and effortlessly into my life.”
  3. “I am open and receptive to all the wealth that life offers me.”
  4. “I release all limiting beliefs about money and allow abundance to flow to me.”
  5. “I am grateful for the abundance that surrounds me.”
  6. “My income is constantly increasing.”
  7. “I am financially secure and independent.”
  8. “I am a magnet for wealth and success.”
  9. “Money comes to me from unexpected sources.”
  10. “I am surrounded by abundance and prosperity.”

Repeat these affirmations daily and with conviction to shift your mindset and attract more abundance into your life. Remember to also take action towards your financial goals and make wise choices with your money

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