When Silence Speaks (Paperback)


Beloved Bhagwan has been a forte for the self ever since my first encounter with the penetrating eyes of wisdom-compassion. He brings me to ground zero state of neutral nothingness and even though many connect to him in unique ways, for me; he has been the Heart incarnate. Out of his many famous quotations, I have made a humble endeavor to design 101 digital compositions and compile them here.
Om Namo Bhagwate Shree Ramanaya
Dr Pallavi Kwatra.


Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi is the embodiment of silence?the depths of which can stun the mind and words into a silent abyss of peace, the inner spanda (vibration) and the sphurna (remembrance) of the self.
From the nidus of this silence, there arose occasionally; few words from him that mutilated the illusions and hammered the mind to inquire into its source, dissolving its fake identity.
This book is a collection of 108 such mutterings from the kosha ( sheath) of this silent sage. An immersing ?.without a recovery from it is the apt way to absorb the inscribing. A milieu in which one gets thrown back at one self??..again, again and yet again.