whole spices are dried dormant seeds, leaves, bark and roots of plants, full of aromatic oils with magical spice flavors within, just waiting to be released. These spices have a longer shelf life than pre-packaged ground ones, retaining freshness until their intense flavor is extracted. Which is why, even today, many Indian home-cooks will not contemplate having just store-bought ground spices in their kitchen, with the exception of turmeric and red chilies; both are best ground by a trusted spice merchant.
From cinnamon’s ability to lower blood sugar clubbed with cardamom’s diuretic properties, to the cancer fighting attributes of turmeric and cumin seed’s digestive benefits, onto whole coriander’s potential to fight bad cholesterol, and antioxidant rich dry red chili’s anti-inflammatory ways; the list of health benefits from consumption of whole spices is endless and cannot be ignored.
Yet the only reason why ground spices are at times replacing them is their storage. In the good old days when airtight glass jars and Ziploc bags were unheard of, whole spices could easily be stored in muslin cloth and jute bags as long as air and moisture didn’t get to them. Most of them stay just fine for about 2 years, reducing in flavor and pungency as they age. Today we have the convenience of air tight jars and Ziploc bags so as to help us retain the goodness of whole spices for a decent duration.
At Saansmart other than our assorted range of ground spices, we are proud to showcase whole spices too. we assure you about finding them as fresh, as reasonably priced and as pure as is any other organic product listed with us. Roast them, toast them, grind or boil them; there’re many simple and flavorful ways devised by Indian cooks over the generations to release the flavor of whole spices in food. Buy them from us and pamper your taste buds.

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