Wooden Temples

Wooden Temples

A home is not complete without a sacred altar space where all family members can enjoy bonding and a spiritual ambience together. Puja rooms are powerful places for invoking Gods, Goddesses and to find your peace and stability in life. It is not an overestimation to suggest that investment to make this space more beautiful, graceful and ensure an atmosphere of divinity and prayer. Temples can be wooden temples, marble temples etc.

The Indian culture has studied the science of temple architecture deeply and scientifically. As per Vaastu, there are certain guidelines for having temples at home. The temple must be consecrated and placed in the northeast direction/ Ishaan corner of the house. The temple must be at a higher level than the sitting arrangement, should not have idols more than 10 cms in height and the wooden temples must have domes at their tops. The temples must be illuminated at all times with a Diya kept in its south-east corner.

At Saans Mart, we have ensured various intricate designs of wooden temples in beautiful colour combinations, sizes and in high-quality sesame and good quality wood. Even customized sizes as per space available at your home can be ensured. Larger sizes for bigger temples or other religious organization community spaces can also be customized. The aesthetic Indian artists designing these temples are skilled craftsmen and have kept the Indian tradition and its glory alive. Rajasthani designs of jaali work, redwood and carvings will add a divine and holy flavour to your pooja area and ensure health, vitality and abundance for all family members.

To add to your customization and celebration, Saans Mart makes available God & Goddess Idols made of marble, bronze sculptures, Yantras and other pooja accessories like pooja thalis, diyaas, other pooja accessories like incense, pooja materials, energy cleansers, diffusers and many many more assets to your spiritual library.

Bring home the divine spiritual life and material prosperity and abundance. Shop for the choicest collection of wooden temples at Saans Mart.


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