the ancient science of yantras

Yantra is symmetrically designed sacred figure with simple geometric forms having mystical diagrams with vibration from the mantra. Mantra possesses positive energy to cleave the negative vibes to provide lucidity of thoughts. Yantra cleanses the negative energy and provides a spiritual flow of energy in the ambience.

SAANSMART is privileged to bring yantra to your home. We have 56 yantras and they are used to remove the malefic effects of the evil and strength to positive powers. We have different shapes like squares, triangles, circles, and floral patterns, but more complex symbols may be employed, each with significance. Yantra shall brighten your lives with poise, copiousness, material, and spiritual well-being. Our yantra shall bring in an equipoised state of mind with good health, vitality, and wealth to facilitate new opportunities through these powerful ancient tools.

Yantras are part of the ancient tantric traditions of Hindu religion. They are used for worshipping deities at home and temples having specific yantra being associated with specific deities. They become part of the temple as an adornment of temple floors with its unique aesthetic and symmetric qualities. Yantra has been part of the Indian depiction dating back to 11000 to 10000 BC with the Baghor stone excavated evincing the depiction. The representation of yantra has been elaborated in the Rigveda with its Sanskrit origin. Susruta, father of Indian Medicine and father of Plastic Surgery has mentioned the use of yantra in his medical terminology. Mantras inscribed on the yantras are thought-forms depicting cosmic powers influenced by sound vibrations to provide positive vibes.

Shree Yantra

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The etymology of Yantra is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yam’ which means to sustain, hold or support the energy innate in a form or element or abstract concept which is achieved through a structure with symbols and pattern having spiritual and psychic influence through the energies. Health mantra yantra is one of the most powerful yantras which can protect your health. They act as a panacea to resist any health ailments, removing the negatives energies that affect the health and provide positive vibes. Health mantra yantra provides a sound body and peace of mind.

Kalesh Shanti yantra

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Many elements constitute in the Yantra. The Point or Bindu represent the unity of the static (Lord Shiva) and kinetic (Goddess Shakti) cosmic energies which expand to create an infinite universe. This expansion has a meeting point where art and the artist meet becoming one with the cosmos as a whole. In the meditative form, the Bindu is the ultimate union of divinity.

The infinite reservoir of the synergy forms the nucleus, being the manifestation becoming the Great Point or the Mahabindu, the inception for the quest for salvation for the ultimate journey. Bindu being a reservoir is infinite but at the same time doesn’t exist to be seen. Bindu has the potential without having anything within. A straight line can move with unbroken traces, without asking for a break. They represent the growth and development towards a journey of infinity.

Gayatri yantra

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The sacred symbol of the triangle is enclosed to form a crystallised form which has the root from the manifested energy born from chaos. They are often been referred to as the Cone of Fire since the seeker is in quest of spirituality burning within the heart. The threefold structures have significance with its representations in creation (Lord Brahama), preservation (Lord Vishnu), and destruction (Lord Shiva). They are represented as three Vedas – Rigveda, Yajurveda, and Sama Veda. They are also attributed to the Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas which are three tendencies in neutral, positive, and negative. The inverted triangle represents the feminine power represented as Shakti. Shakti gives rise to creative impulse in nature.

The triangle pointing upwards symbolises Lord Shiva. When two triangles penetrate each other forming a hexagon, it symbolises the union of two poles causing the manifested universe. The circle represent the motion of the revolution of planets having no beginning or end.  The square represents the four directions representing the totality of space which bind the earth in order. Lotus represent the expanding consciousness from ignorance to inner awakening.

The out-petalling of the lotus represents the process of spiritual realization. The two significant concepts associated with the human body are the Chakra and Kundalini. Chakras recognise seven energy centres which are visually represented in lotus as seven petals. Each chakra governs a certain sense organ corresponding to its deity. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word for coiled-up which exist in human being and the atom of the universe. The static Kundalini energy is abundant within which can be activated for clarity of thoughts and spiritual awakening.

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