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Bala Ganesha

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Bala Ganesha is the first amongst the thirty-two forms of Lord Ganesha. It is said to be the first manifestation of the love of Shiva and Shakti in Physical form. As in the child form, Bala Ganesha symbolizes earth?s opulence and plentifulness which is a result of immense love and devotion between Nature and the Creator. In a way, Bala represents every human form which comes to this earth as the epitome of love. The Lord is represented here as a baby child. Various images depict him doing activities which toddlers do along with images where he is caressed by his parents Shiva and Parvati. Various old paintings depict both the parents involved in the daily rituals of their child just as commoners. He has been shown playing with Ganas of Shiva as a small child and various Gods visiting him and showering their blessings. Bala Ganesha represents the joy of being and brings awareness to be present at the moment & getting involved with everything which is around us. 178 179 As the name suggests ?Bala? is generally referred to as a baby child. In this form, Lord Ganesha presents himself as a small child. People in South India also refer to this form of Ganesha as a two-armed small boy, where he is known as Pillaiyar (?little child?)

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