Crystal Clusters

What is a Crystal Cluster?

When a group of crystals come together to form a big crystal, it is known as a Crystal Cluster. They do not have specific dimensions nor are they tailor made. They are formed naturally.

Why does the cost of Crystal Cluster vary so much?

Depending on the stone of the crystal and the dimensions, the cost can be high or low. As said earlier, they are naturally formed.

What are the benefits of using Crystal Clusters?

Crystal clusters are used by people for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons why they are popular are:

  • They are quite useful for meditation.
  • They create an aura of positivity in a place where they are kept.
  • They help you to connect to God and increase awareness.
  • They help to boost confidence, self-esteem and increase positivity.
  • They help to bring out your hidden potential and hence help you to perform better.
  • Crystal clusters motivate people to stay truthful, loyal and act accordingly.
  • They also help to connect to the heavenly spirit guides.
  • They help to overcome sorrow in personal life, fatigue and lethargy at work.
  • It is helpful in respiratory diseases like asthma and lung infections.
  • Helps to stay fit by proper absorption of calcium in the body.
  • It also helps to improve the relationships among individuals.

Where should we place different crystals?

Depending on the type of crystal, it should be placed in different rooms to get the desired results.

In the living room – Selenite and Apophyllite

In the kitchen – Apatite and Carnelian

In the dining area – Turquoise and Citrine

In the office – Azurite and Pyrite

In the bedroom – Selenite and Amethyst

In the bathroom – Rose quartz and Aquamarine

How to take care of Crystals?

Crystals are always positively charged. You can just dust them to keep them dust-free. They do not require charging.

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