Yantras are cosmic tools of unity that help one access the divine forces in the universe. They are mystical diagrams used in the Indian religions and philosophy for worship. It is used to help in meditation and for the benefits of its purported occult powers based on Tantric texts and Hindu astrology. It is a type of mandala, which is a spiritual symbol representing the universe.

In classical Sanskrit, the word, yantra, means “instrument,” “apparatus” or “contrivance.” It is derived from the root word, yam, meaning “to support” or “to sustain the essence of an object/concept.”Just as mantras balance the body and mind through sound, yantras provide balance visually. They are geometric and include floral designs. The shapes are believed to have a powerful quieting effect on the mind, and so are used in yogic meditation practice. They are often associated with a particular deity and may be worn as a talisman.

Among the shapes used are squares, triangles, circles and floral patterns, but more complex symbols may be employed, each with significance. Generally, we have 56 Yantras and they have miracle benefits. Usually, Yantras are defined as visual mantras. From ancient days onwards, these yantras are used to remove the malefic effects of the evil and strength to positive powers.

At Saans Mart, we wish to bring the whole spectrum of Yantras and thus enliven the lives of our customers with grace, abundance, material and spiritual well being. good health, vitality, wealth and removal of evil attacks, fears and opening the way forward for new opportunities and projects can be facilitated through these powerful ancient tools.

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24 Crt. Gold Plated Shriyantra

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Bhojpatra Pocket Shree Yantra

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Brass Coloured Shriyantra


Brass Shriyantra Big


Brass Shriyantra Medium


Brass Shriyantra Small

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Copper Plate Shri Yantra Small

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Copper Shree Yantra


Crystal Shree Yantra

Original price was: ₹5,176.00.Current price is: ₹2,588.00.