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Books have been a constant companion, teacher and accomplice on the route of Human evolution. Learning is a craving for the soul as it marks itself progressing on its journey. Being the best of man’s friends, a book lover is never ever alone. He communicates in an intimate relationship with his reading materials and is in constant energy exchange with his books. Saans mart book store online is a remarkable endeavour towards learning and growth of the human communities.

Book store online has a privileged collection of spiritual literature and also books on other themes. It is a congregation of units that help compile it all in a wholesome and soul rich fashion. The book online store at Saans mart is a measure of the intensity of its company’s Director; Dr Pallavi Kwatra who has tirelessly contributed themselves to the upliftment of masses by authoring many spiritual books and also by their service to provide quality publishing services under the company’s banner of TABEER PUBLISHING. She has authored 12 books on rich spiritual traditions of India and many poetry collections. This rich literature experience has urged her to birth this unit of book store online at Saansmart where the goal is to collaborate many collections of spiritual and motivational material for book lovers.

At Saansmart; we have books under the following categories: Ayurveda, Philosophy, Yoga & Meditation, Self-help, Inspirational, Biographies and books on Indian saints and philosophers. The idea is to offer a paradise for the spiritual saadhak who is willing to learn and share his learnings with others.

Saansmart book store is also a place of digital collections like downloadable designs, audio & video CDs etc. The audio and video CDs are having many varieties like Buddhist chants, Hindu hymns, bhajans, discourses and a rich collection of music albums of Indian Classical, Hindustani music, folk music and instrumental variants.

We hope that Saansmart book store online is a place where many new authors can also showcase their work and sell their books globally to a larger set of population. For publishing assistance, we are available at We also run discounts and sales on books for our customers to be able to reach out and never miss books they have wanted to read but become limited due to their affordability and cost.

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