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Dvija Ganesha


Dwija Ganesha is regarded as the sixth amongst the 32 different forms of Ganesha. If a person wants to achieve material success on this earth; then the one-stop solution is Dwija Ganesha. This form is the Lord of the provider of name, fame, high status in society and all worldly things which a devout can ever imagine of. The devout of this Lord has no ambiguity in any of his decisions. He faces no resistance as he moves ahead with utmost clarity of mind and achieves whatever he wishes to by the Grace of Dwija Ganesha. Another important aspect of the Lord is that he is the remover of karmic debts of his devouts which may cause hindrances in the prosperity of his devouts. Dwija Ganesha is regarded as a Lord equivalent to Brahma, the God of creation.

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